Kilowatt Brewing Expands with Grand Opening of Hidden Tiki Lounge, Release of Hard Beverage Line

SAN DIEGO— Kilowatt Brewing, a SanDiego based craft brewery, released their first Zeily brand hard seltzers in January 2019. Conditioned on real fruit, these easy to drink sparkling beverages have a 5.7% ABV and come in a variety of flavors including raspberry, apricot, tangerine, and strawberry blueberry, just to name a few.

Fast forward nine months months later and you’ll find that Kilowatt has been hard at work opening their new hidden Tiki lounge, theForbidden Cove. The Forbidden Cove features exotic, rare craft beers and undistilled cocktails enjoyed in a Tiki inspired lounge with unique lighting and decor. What are undistilled cocktails one may ask? Kilowatt has continued its innovation of the Zeily Hard Beverage line by developing a high ABV hard beverage base made from cane sugar.Kilowatt uses the hard beverage base to create its undistilled cocktails by adding fruit purees, juices, and spices to create tropical elixirs for its new Tiki lounge.

Although typically only accessible through a hidden door, on November1st, the mysteries of the Forbidden Cove will be unlocked for all to enjoy during Kilowatt’s official Grand Opening of the hidden Tikilounge. Customers can stop by Kilowatt Brewing’s Kearny Mesa Tasting Room on the 1st night of San Diego Beer Week and experience the one of a kind lighting and decor of the hidden Tiki lounge, along with theofficial debut of their undistilled tropical elixirs like Lona’s ExtraDelight, Lava Flow, Hidden Puka, Washed Out at Sea, and Captain Kreslee’s Bounty. Roots Reggae vinyl will be spun by DJ Axionpact. and

If customers can’t make it to the Forbidden Cove, they can still checkout Kilowatt’s new line of undistilled cocktails, as a limited amount of four of the Forbidden Cove’s tropical elixirs will be also be available at their Oceanside and Ocean Beach locations on November1st. These undistilled cocktails pack a punch with ABVs ranging from 10-15%.

Kilowatt’s Zeily Hard Beverage line will include future releases of undistilled cocktails, hard seltzer varieties, as well as hard juices and hard kombucha. Known for experimenting with unique flavors and ingredients, Kilowatt plans to do the same with their new Zeily line of hard beverages. This experimentation will include new variations of undistilled cocktails, hard seltzers, juices, and kombuchas conditioned on real fruit, herbs, and spices, dry hopped seltzers and kombuchas, and barrel aged hard beverages. Crosses between product types are also planned, such as wine barrel aged hard kombucha blended with a fruited brett sour beer, dry hopped with tropical New Zealand grown hops. Kilowatt’s Zeily line will feature products that are naturally produced without any gluten.

“As the competition in the craft beer market continues to grow, you will start to see more innovation and diversification of products.Kilowatt is excited to announce the release of our Zeily Hard Beverage line and the opportunity to develop new and unique beverages. Our customers can look forward to the same level of experimentation with our new Zeily brand as they have grown accustomed to with our craft beer,” explains CEO and Co-Founder Steve Kozyk.

About Kilowatt Brewing

Kilowatt Brewing is a small batch brewery located in the San Diego neighborhoods of Kearny Mesa, Ocean Beach, and Oceanside. Small batch brewing allows Kilowatt to continuously experiment with ingredients in order to produce unique styled, hand-crafted beverages. KilowattBrewing’s taprooms features creative lighting, interactive art, giant games, and rotating artwork by local artists. Kilowatt Brewing is located at 7576 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood, at 1875 Cable Street in Ocean Beach, and 406 Mission Avenue in Oceanside.