Jiant Launches Second Seasonal Hard Kombucha, Taco Tuesday

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jiant, a modern alcohol brand known for its approachable hard kombuchas, announces the launch of its second seasonal flavor, Taco Tuesday. This crossover collaboration from the produce aisle marries tropical pineapple, snappy jalapeño and a squeeze of lime to strike a refreshing balance between sweet and heat. The 5% ABV hard kombucha will first be available in 16oz single cans in Southern California through Stone Distributing, beginning this week.

Taco Tuesday reimagines the classic spicy margarita for the modern consumer, with fewer calories and less sugar.  “We’re incredibly excited for everyone to return in force to the on-premise and we wanted to give consumers a sessionable alternative to help ease them back into socializing,” says Larry Haertel Jr, Jiant co-founder.

Jiant maintains that one of the challenges with spicy drinks is that you rarely want to have two of them. However, that is not the case with Taco Tuesday, which is light and refreshing, packing a subtle but satisfying whisper of spice. Like all of Jiant’s other hard kombuchas, it’s gluten-free and brewed from all organic and non-gmo ingredients. “The quality of the ingredients we use really helps to convey that freshly-made cocktail experience,” says Haertel, noting that it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to pour Taco Tuesday into a glass and garnish it with a chili-salted rim “if you’re feeling frisky.”

As part of Taco Tuesday’s release, Jiant has partnered with No Us Without You (@nouswithoutyou), a 501c3 non-profit organization helping to provide food security for undocumented immigrants in the hospitality industry throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Jiant’s partnership with No Us Without You includes ongoing monetary support, in-person volunteer-work and more.

“While many people are understandably ready to put the past year in the rearview mirror, it’s important to remember that some of the effects of the pandemic, especially in the restaurant industry, are enduring and will have a lasting impact. We’re excited to partner with No Us Without You in its mission to rebuild the heart and soul of our bars, restaurants, and hotels,” says Haertel.

Jiant launched its seasonal program in January 2021, bringing limited-edition offerings to market at different times throughout the year. Each launch highlights intriguing ingredient combinations that redefine what hard kombucha can be. Founded in 2019 by Larry Haertel Jr and Aaron Telch, Jiant is a modern alcohol brand known for its refreshing approach to hard kombucha that views tea and botanicals as the perfect canvas for a new kind of adult beverage, one that doesn’t rely on conventional ingredients and has a nutritional profile more aligned with what today’s consumer wants. Traditional in process but unconventional in results, Jiant’s kombuchas are expressive and interesting while remaining balanced and surprisingly light.

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