Iron Horse Brewery Releases ‘Irish Death’ in 12 Oz. Cans.


ELLENSBURG, WA — Iron Horse Brewery produces a beer you may have heard of that will be available in six pack 12oz cans spring of 2016. Quilter’s Irish Death is already available in 22oz bottles and draught but this will mark the first time the flagship beer will be produced in cans.

“If you know about Irish Death and you are reading this, you’re reaction to the news is probably, what the hell have you been waiting for Iron Horse?” said Owner and General manager Greg Parker. “If you don’t know about Irish Death, you are probably trying to figure out why putting a beer in a can is news. To both of those ponderings, I don’t have a good answer. To change the subject back to what I was talking about; Irish Death is going into 12 oz cans.”

Release and Availability

Irish Death is available wherever IHB beer is sold. This includes Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and parts of Oregon. Once released, Irish Death cans will be available year round, in conjunction with Irish Death 22oz bottles and draught. The spring release means Irish Death cans will be available for that special time of the year when you are finally giving up on your resolution to “get healthy.”

“When I found out we were releasing Irish Death in cans I threw up with excitement,” said Ross Chalstrom, interloper of press release quotes. “My hands are petite and my grip isn’t the strongest so the cans make getting Irish Death to my mouth easier.

Beer Nerd Details

  • Name: Quilter’s Irish Death
  • Style: Strong dark ale
  • ABV: 7.8%
  • IBU: 12
  • Hops: Doesn’t matter
  • Malts: Crystal, caramel pilsen, munich, and chocolate
  • Package: NEW 12oz cans, 22oz bottles