Hofbrauhaus Freising to Begin US Distribution

DENVER — S&H Independent Premium Brands East, importer of the world’s finest beers, welcomes the addition of Hofbrauhaus Freising, a world class Bavarian brewery, into its portfolio of premium, international brands.  S&H Independent Premium Brands East has recently been designated as the national importer for Hofbrauhaus Freising and will begin U.S. distribution this summer.

Founded in 1160, the Hofbrauhaus Freising brewery is among the world’s oldest breweries.  Located in the “Cathedral City” of Freising, Germany, the brewery ?sits in the heart of Bavaria.

Hofbrauhaus Freising beers are superbly brewed according to Bavarian Purity Laws, using only premium ingredients (no preservatives) from ?the ?surrounding Alps and Hallertau regions. Hofbrauhaus Freising is one of only a select few breweries to be designated as a “Slow Brewer”, which guarantees a quality brewing process that ensures maximum flavor and freshness.

About Hofbrauhaus Freising

Beer is a beloved tradition at Gräfliches Hofbrauhaus Freising GmbH. For six centuries after its founding, the brewery belonged to the bishops of Freising, who brewed beer for the Bavarian noble court and its citizens, thusly named “Hofbrauhaus” Freising.  The word “Hofbrauhaus” is German for “Noble Court Brewery”.  In 1812, the Bavarian countess, Maria Leopoldine, acquired the brewery, and it has remained privately owned by ancestors of Bavarian nobility ever since.  Today, Hofbrauhaus Freising has combined its centuries of brewing expertise with state of the art technology to achieve maximum quality and taste.  They are especially proud to be recognized as a “Slow Brewer”, the seal of the highest beer quality.  The Hofbrauhaus Freising brewery is located at Mainburger Str. 26, Freising (Bavaria), Germany.

More information about Hofbrauhaus Freising can be found on: www.hofbrauhaus-freising.de. More information about the Slow Brewing Union can be found on: www.slow-brewing.com

About S&H Independent Premium Brands East

A U.S. importer of the world’s finest beers, S&H Independent Premium Brands East is proud to work with our distributor and retail partners in offering their customers a portfolio of premium beers from global brewery partners; Stiegl, Hofbrauhaus Freising, Bernard, Dinkelacker, Früh, Andechs, Arcobräu, Weltenburger, United Dutch Breweries, Morena, Doge and Brunehaut. More information can be found on: www.shbrands.com