High Branch Brewing Co. First Tenant of Gibson Mill Market

CONCORD, N.C. — Gibson Mill in Concord, North Carolina recently announced its development of the Gibson Mill Market, a food hall-style dining and shopping experience that will open on the campus early 2020. The first tenant signed to Phase 1 of the project is High Branch Brewing Co.

High Branch, already a tenant of the Gibson Mill campus, will move its 2,450 square foot home base from the East side of the site to the first floor of the future Market. The independently owned craft brewery, which originally opened at the Mill in 2015, offers small batch beers and family ambience. High Branch’s new footprint will expand to 5,400 square feet, which will allow for growth across many fronts.

“Gibson Mill has been such a great home for our brewery for the past 4 years. We’re so excited to be a part of the Gibson Mill Market, something we have wanted to see happen here at the Gibson Mill campus since we signed our original lease. Customers can expect to see the same quality and attention-to-detail in our beer, with added indoor and outdoor space for people to sit and enjoy as well as additional private event space,” said TJ Creighton, High Branch owner. “This move gives us the opportunity to increase our production space, put in a larger brewing system, and add more tanks. It will allow us to continue to make the beers we are known for, but also add lagers and other light and crisp offerings to create a more diverse portfolio.”

“It’s very exciting to be the home base for High Branch and to watch them continue to grow. They have a great product and welcome all guests into their family. We look forward to seeing what they are able to do with more space,” said Joe Liles, SouthPaw Investors Partner.

Visit gibsonmill.com for more information.

About Gibson Mill 

Gibson Mill in Concord, NC looked and felt completely different 100 years ago. Back then, it was Gibson Manufacturing Company, established in 1899 when industrialist James Cannon partnered with R.E. Gibson. Through the early 20th century, the space bustled with over 31,000 sewing spindles. Mill workers manufactured vibrantly-colored yarns, gingham and madras fabric as well as dress goods before making towels and sheets from the 1930s through the 1970s. It thrived for decades. So much so that at one point, Gibson Mill employed over more than half the people who live in Cabarrus County. Multiple generations of proud, loyal Concord families have stories to tell of how their family knows and remembers Gibson Mill. With that said, Gibson Mill made two things more possible for the people of Concord and Cabarrus County – opportunity and community. When the mill closed in 2003, it wasn’t the end of the story; one year later, some friends purchased the space together and reopened it for retail and office space. Today, the space hums and pulses again; this time though, with a new energy that respects not only our history, but also the modern drive for environmentally conscious and locally sourced. Most importantly, Gibson Mill serves as a fresh take on two things deeply ingrained in our walls – opportunity and community. The Gibson Mill sits on the historic Cannon Mills Company Plant #6, one of the area’s largest (656,000 SF located on 48 acres) adaptive reuse projects with a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness. It serves as a community-driven gathering spot with retail, craft breweries, office space and the new dining and retail Market to come. Nestled in the Concord community, the Mill hosts over 1,000 daily guests, with a built-in audience of 305k+ community members inside a 10-mile radius, and attracting out-of-town guests with close proximity to Interstates 77, 85 and the CLT Douglas airport.

About Gibson Mill Market 

The new Market at Gibson Mill will offer a dining and shopping experience that brings together the rich legacy of American-made quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity with a modern, environmentally conscious approach and commitment to locally sourced goods. The Market space takes up 17,000 SF of rentable/retail space that will support 10-12 local vendors and offer a full-service restaurant inside (2,700 SF). Architecture and design work has been developed by d3 Studio, with construction planned by Liles Construction. Vendor applications for the Market are open now. Updates can be found on Gibson Mill Market’s social media channels @gibsonmillncmarket.