HenHouse Brewing Announces $4.5 Million Expansion Project

SANTA ROSA, Calif. — The central pillar of HenHouse Brewing’s mission has always been creating a business our community can be proud of: a brewery that creates good jobs, makes world class beer and helps create a stronger Bay Area economy. As we approach our seventh anniversary, HenHouse is redoubling our investment in Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and the Bay Area with a $4.5 million dollar expansion! Working with our lending partners at Live Oak Bank and our equipment partners at Criveller, HenHouse is quadrupling our capacity at our Santa Rosa Brewery, continuing to invest in our sour and wood aged beer program in Petaluma, and creating over 40 jobs in Sonoma County over the next two years!

Our third expansion in as many years will support and grow all elements of the HenHouse business. With the help of our partners Criveller Brewtech in Healdsburg, we’ll be adding three times as much fermentation capacity to our Santa Rosa brewery, expanding our brewhouse, expanding our canning line, installing an automated keg line and adding laboratory infrastructure to expand our cutting edge quality program! We are committed to always improving quality with capacity and this expansion will allow us to make more beer and better beer than we ever have!

With more production capacity comes more deliveries! We will be expanding our cold storage and fleet of refrigerated trucks from our partners at Donahue Truck Center in Cotati to maintain HenHouse’s position as a national leader in beer quality. Keeping beer cold from the brewery to the drinker is one of the most important parameters of beer deliciousness, and we are committed to making sure none of our fans ever have to drink warm stored beers! This expansion will continue our quest to put brewery fresh beer in front of everyone who will take care of the beer and you can expect to see our beer in more new places!

Following our first round of barrels HenHouse filled this March at our Petaluma Palace of Barrels facility, we’ll be installing in six large oak aging tanks, blending tanks from Criveller, and a bottling line to present our wood aged and sour beers in the best way possible! In the short term we’ll be able to keep our mature sour beers on tap more consistently, and in the medium term we’ll begin to have mature sours and spirit barrel aged beers available in bottles!

The Bay Area has long been ahead of the curve in beer and an important part of the local community. Our ambition is to add HenHouse to the list of breweries in Sonoma County that have led the nation in energizing economies and pushing forward beer quality. We believe in making amazing beer, creating jobs locally, and building the wealth of our community, and we are proud to put our money where our mouth is!
Get stoked about:

  • Local jobs! We’re hiring 40+ people over the next two years!
  • More beer! We’ll be getting rid of our waiting list and opening up new accounts later this year!
  • Bottle club! As soon as we can keep up with the demand for sour and wood aged beer in our tasting rooms, we’ll be launching a bottle club!
  • Massive aroma! New hopping equipment will continue to drive our hop-forward beers to the outer reaches of aromatic intensity!
  • Lagers! We’ll finally have enough tanks to make lagers on the regular!
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