Heavy Seas Announces Lecture Series for Local Brewers


Baltimore, MD — This spring, Heavy Seas Beer will hold a series of educational beer classes at its brewery in Baltimore, MD. The goal is to further educate and enlighten the Heavy Seas staff while giving other companies the opportunity to participate.

“As Baltimore’s largest brewery, we at Heavy Seas Beer feel a responsibility to our colleagues to take a leadership role whenever possible in facilitating education, research and collaboration,” said Heavy Seas Brewmaster Chris Leonard. “In that spirit, we are hosting a lecture series for other local brewers on technical brewing. Our first session on Saturday, March 14th had staff from Mully’s Brewery, Ruddy Duck, Manor Hill, Union Brewing, Brookville Beer Farm, Baying Hound, OC Brewing, and Brewer’s Art.”

“We have a much more complete laboratory facility than most, if not all, of our smaller brethren,” he added. “So, we intend to begin offering some lab services – microbiological testing, IBU, ABV, and SRM (color) measurement, and bottle DO (dissolved oxygen) measurement. We have some sophisticated equipment (Anton Parr alcolizer, spectrophotometer, autoclave, incubator, etc.) that most small breweries do not. Our goal is to offer these services at “cost”, basically, with the goal of helping other local breweries manage/track/control their products in a manner similar to larger breweries.”

Heavy Seas is thrilled to be a part of such an important initiative to support the local brewing community. Stay tuned for the dates of upcoming classes.