Hard Juice Craft Cocktail Maker Crafty Elk Launches New Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Expand

LONDON, ON  — Any responsible food or beverage maker is committed to delivering the highest quality products possible using the very best ingredients available. Crafty Elk takes this to a higher level through their socially responsible approach to delivering smarter and delicious craft cocktails with an eye on environmental initiatives.

That’s because their entire drinks line is made up of low-alcohol beverages made with premium vodka and exotic ingredients such as goji berries, prickly pear, ginger and turmeric delivered in environmentally friendly, recyclable cans with a nutritional label empowering consumer like never before where a craft cocktail is concerned. Their beverage base is mixed with vegetable pulps and exotic fruits delivering flavors such as cranberry, mango, honey and passion fruit. The finishing touch is Piedmont Italian Vodka blended into every beverage. Not stopping there, every beverage is organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. The result is a delicious, “better-for-you” beverage with some flare resonating with health-conscious consumers looking for healthy alternatives in a Covid-19 world.

The result has been extraordinary consumer acceptance leading to explosive double-digit year over year sales growth despite Covid-19. That’s due to Crafty Elk® branching out from distribution solely through retail outlets to free home delivery to Ontario customers in March 2020, and in six months, sales of 3,500 cases via home delivery in a population index of 85,000 have boosted 2020 revenue projections 60% over those of 2019.

The company’s intellectual property extends beyond the usual trademarks; they hold trademark ownership of “hard juice” effectively giving them exclusive access to this entire drink category.

With a popular product line of tasty smart drinks coupled with a nimble management team responding rapidly to ever-changing market trends, Crafty Elk is poised for ongoing growth. To wit, the brand has distribution throughout the provinces of Canada in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Crafty Elk™ Hard Juice™ vodka beverages is attracting overseas investors and distributors, drawing attention in Florida, California, Oregon, Washington, Singapore and Australia.

Crafty Elk boasts a Net Promoter Score of 79 and 95% customer satisfaction placing it near the top alongside Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Starbucks.

Anyone interested in owning a piece of Crafty Elk is invited to see if they qualify as an investor.

The Crafty Elk equity offering – https://bit.ly/3mDlGBc

About Crafty Elk

Crafty Elk Distilling Ltd., based in London, Ontario, Canada was founded in January 2017 by Greg Gilliland, a pharmaceutical scientist and a health advocate of complementary and alternative medicine. Crafty Elk is a ready-to-drink craft alcohol beverage that provides the customer with smart alternatives, while still allowing them to enjoy alcohol. Its market introduction in Ontario in the summer of 2017 was a great success, while in 2020 their Hard Juice® Vodka beverages are pulling six cases per store per week with little to no marketing.

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