Goodwood Brewing Releases Rye Whiskey

LOUISVILLE, KY. – In a move toward diversifying its portfolio and reaching spirits consumers, Goodwood Brewing Company announced a foray into the crafts spirits space with the launch of a Premium Bourbon aged in stout barrels in 2019. A year later, they are adding a Rye Whiskey to their lineup.

The 90 proof, small-batch rye is the fourth product to be launched under the Goodwood Spirits line. As with all Goodwood Brewing products, an emphasis was placed on quality and craftsmanship, with months of preparation and experimentation going into the spirit.

Goodwood Rye Whiskey is aged for two years, before being finished in Goodwood English Mild beer barrels, for a special flavor that can only develop from this process. Tasting notes of caramel and vanilla fade to a complex spice and smoky body.

Goodwood Rye will be released in early May in select retail stores and exclusive accounts throughout the Louisville area, and will enter the rest of Kentucky in the near future. Goodwood Spirits can also be purchased at the Goodwood Brewing Taproom in Louisville, KY.

Other spirits in development from Goodwood Brewing and Spirits include a Walnut Brown and an Imperial Stout.


Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Goodwood Brewing and Spirits is dedicated to making the highest quality beers, barrel finished spirits and made from scratch food. We believe what’s good for bourbon is good for beer. Goodwood’s Louisville brewery is one of Kentucky’s longest continuously operated breweries, having started operations in 1990.

Goodwood beers are available in Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, West Virginia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Ohio and Kansas.

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