Dundee Introduces Summer Wheat In Cans

ROCHESTER, NY— Just in time for summer, craft beer drinkers have a new, more convenient way to enjoy the refreshing taste of Dundee Summer Wheat. Dundee Ales & Lagers is rolling-out its summer seasonal, Dundee Summer Wheat, in 12 oz. cans.

Summer Wheat, an American-style Hefeweizen with a 4.5 percent ABV, is the first beer in the Dundee line-up available in cans. Brewed with 40 percent wheat with a touch of rye malt, Dundee Summer Wheat is a crisp and aromatic beer with a refreshingly unique flavor. Dundee Summer Wheat rates 18 on the International Bittering Units scale, making it easy to drink and a perfect addition to summer parties, picnics and outdoor events.

“Dundee is joining the ‘craft can revolution.’ We’re glad to see the stereotype that cans are not appropriate for premium beers like Summer Wheat begin to dissipate,” said lead Dundee Brewer Jim McDermott. “In actuality, cans preserve freshness, quality and authenticity of the beer, which is especially important during the warmer summer months.”

Aluminum cans have multiple benefits which preserve the taste of beer, including blocking UV rays and sealing tighter than bottles, ensuring beer stays fresh. Also, aluminum cans are allowed at many venues where glass is prohibited and are easier to recycle.

“Cans will extend the appeal of Dundee Ales & Lagers to a new audience,” said Janine Schoos, brand manager, Dundee Ales & Lagers. “Today’s craft beer drinker wants variety in both the beers they consume and the means in which they consume it. We’re meeting the needs of all levels of craft beer drinkers with Summer Wheat cans.”

Consumers can expect to see Summer Wheat cans at an affordable price point when they appear on shelves this month. The price of a 12-pack of Summer Wheat cans is on par with Dundee’s variety pack. The beer is also available in six-pack bottles.

“Craft beer drinkers, like mainstream beer consumers, appreciate a great beer that is also a great value. With only 121 of the more than 1700 American craft breweries producing at least one variety in cans, Dundee is part of an innovative group that is working to keep craft beers accessible,” said Schoos.

The common complaint that aluminum changes the taste of beer is also a myth, stated McDermott. “Our cans have a lining that protect the beer from the aluminum. Craft beer drinkers can expect the same light, refreshing taste of Dundee Summer Wheat in cans that they find in bottles.”

“Cans let you take the great taste of Summer Wheat to many events where glass bottles are prohibited. Plus, a 12-oz can takes up less space in a cooler or fridge than a 12-oz glass bottle,” added Schoos.

Dundee Ales & Lagers brews and releases four seasonal beers for a limited time throughout the year. Summer Wheat will be followed by the return of Oktoberfest this fall. In addition, two new brews will join the variety pack in September. The seasonal specialties will be available on draft at bars and restaurants, and in six-packs at convenience and grocery stores across the United States.

To find Dundee Summer Wheat cans in a retail store near you visit: www.dundeebeer.com/find.

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