Brooklyn Brewery Bets Harpoon Brewery on Super Bowl

Brooklyn Versus HarpoonBROOKLYN, NY – Harpoon Brewery President Dan Kenary and Brooklyn Brewery President Steve Hindy are betting that their home team will prevail in the Feb 5 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

If the New York Giants win, as they did in the 2008 Super Bowl against New England, Harpoon will pour Brooklyn Lager in their tasting room and their brewery tour staff will wear Giants jerseys for a week this winter. If the Patriots win, Brooklyn will pour Harpoon IPA in their pub for a week, and the Brooklyn staff will wear Patriots jerseys.

“We are very confident that the Patriots will carry the day, and avenge the 2008 loss to the Giants,” said Kenary, who still cringes when he thinks back to pouring Brooklyn Lager four years ago.

“We know the Patriots had a better season record than the Giants. They are a great team,” said Hindy, clearly concerned about appearing over confident. “But the Giants have come together in the post-season. Eli Manning and his team have to keep it together for one more game.”

Hindy noted that the Anchor Brewery in San Francisco lost a similar bet to Brooklyn last Sunday when the Giants beat the 49ers on a last minute field goal. Anchor’s tour guides will be wearing Giants jerseys and pouring Brooklyn Sorachi Ace for their guests in the coming week.

“It is difficult to calculate the shame that accrues to a brewery that must pour its competitor’s flagship beer through its home taps,” said Hindy. “And wearing the opposition’s jerseys—you take your life in your hands when you wear a Boston jersey here in New York.”