Asheville Couple Launches Craft Beer Shampoo

Broo ShampooA husband and wife team looking to cash in on the growing craft beer movement is hoping you wash your hairdo with your brew.

Brad and Sarah Pearsall, the founders of Microbroo LLC, began experimenting with different types of beer two years ago and have finally settled on a recipe.

“The shower in our house on a Friday night looked more like a bar,” said Brad Pearsall. “We tried every beer from the Asheville area in our attempt to find the perfect beer for our formula.”

One of the first beers they sampled was Highland Brewing’s St. Terese’s Pale Ale, which would eventually end up in the finished product. As Pearsall explains, it was no accident that a pale ale came out on top.

“It turns out that silicon, a natural byproduct in the brewing process is wonderful stuff for hair,” said Pearsall. “It occurs naturally in the husk of the barely. The lighter the roast, the better the silicon works in your hair.”

After reviewing the list of banned substances in order to obtain the Whole Foods Premium Body Care approval, the couple tested 53 different formulas before settling on the final product.

The result is Broo — shampoo and conditioner made with craft beer.

“In many ways, craft beer is a rebellion against corporate beer,” said Pearsall. “Broo is a rebellion against corporate shampoo.”

Broo is currently being sold in Whole Foods throughout the Southern region, including Alabama, Georgia and the Carolina’s but the corporate headquarters has also expressed interest in carrying the product nationally.

“We are humbled that they approached us,” said Pearsall. “We feel that we can create something that can be both a national and international brand.”

Broo is also available at select Earth Fare locations and for a suggested retail price of $14.79. The Pearsall’s also plan to release scented varieties in October.