Alliance Beverage Partners Signs Drakes Brewing, Speakeasy and Ace Cider

CHATSWORTH, CA. — ABP Craft has been on a massive expansion in Northern Los Angeles to Santa Barbara county with their craft beer offerings and new account placements.

Just six months ago ABP Craft launched with one brand, albeit a hot one, Bootlegger’s Brewery. Since then they have signed Ventura’s Surf Brewery, Noble Ale Works, Devils Canyon Brewing Company, Island Brewing Company and now have three more major craft beer and cider partners that have come aboard this rapidly growing craft beer house.

ABP Craft has just signed Drakes Brewing, Speakeasy Ales and Lagers and Ace Cider Company. These acquisitions along with their current portfolio will now solidify ABP Craft as a major craft beer player in their market.

According to co-founder Jason Fontaine “I cannot tell you how excited we are to add these three phenomenal craft and cider brands to our product offerings. These brands have all seen massive success in their respective markets and we intend to expand on their success in our territory”.

Craft beer and ciders are growing at breakneck speeds, especially in the newly enlightened Southern California market. With double digit growth, year after year, ABP Craft will acquire new accounts and new placements to further grow and develop these brands.

When we asked Fontaine about the state of craft beer in Northern LA to Santa Barbara, Fontaine said “There have been two major beer distributors in our area for many years. They do a fantastic job with their core brands. However, craft beer is not their focus. That is where ABP Craft comes in!”