Admiral Maltings Supplies 165 Breweries for 400 Beer Releases

ALAMEDA POINT, Calif.— Admiral Maltings operates with a pure love of malts, the soul of beer. In its first 18-months of production, Admiral Maltings has triumphantly resurrected the age-old art of traditional floor malting and has catapulted premium craft malt to the forefront of California’s modern era of brewing and distilling. Admiral has changed the game for West Coast brewers and distillers who now have unparalleled access to freshly-kilned malt sourced from sustainable barley from the Sacramento Valley. With 750 tons of malt kilned since August 2017, an avalanche of 400 unique, new beers have been brewed with Admiral’s top-shelf malt varieties by 165 of the foremost California breweries. A dozen premier regional distillers are using Admiral malts for a new wave of California single malt whiskies.

“The response has been absolutely incredible,” says Ron Silberstein, co-founder of Admiral Maltings. “Not only are we experiencing the rebirth of an industry with 1,000 acres of barley production currently growing 90 miles north in the Sacramento Valley. We are seeing a shift in brewers and distillers rediscovering the importance of malt. There’s definitely a pivot towards artisanal malt, which is really exceeding all of our expectations. We get to do what we love, procure amazing malt for all our favorite brewers and distillers. It’s a dream come true.”

California’s malt craze is proliferating into a national phenomenon with iconic beer brands across the country sourcing small-batch malts within their own local regions. Allagash Brewing Company brews with malts from Maine Malt House and Blue Ox Malthouse. Dale’s Pale Ale’s Texas brewery is sourcing from Blacklands Malt. For the first time in over 35 years, Sierra Nevada Brewing and Anchor Brewing are utilizing local artisanal malts in select beers. Admiral Maltings supplied malt for Sierra Nevada Brewing’s Oktoberfest — Weihenstephan Collaboration 2018, Anchor Brewing’s Baykeeper IPA (January 2019, charity beer for non-profit San Francisco Baykeeper), and Lagunitas Brewing’s The Spawn of Kashmir, Wet Hopped Fusion 26, and Sacramento Beer Week Fusion. California’s top independent breweries (Modern Times, Fieldwork, Drake’s, Alvarado Street, HenHouse, Seismic, etc.) are leading the charge by releasing an array of highly anticipated new beers featuring Admiral malts, most of which debut on tap at Admiral’s onsite pub, The Rake.

Admiral’s revival of the greater appreciation for artisanal malt’s character with its incomparable flavor and aroma strengthens California farmers’ ties with the craft brewing/distilling communities. Farmers have grown upwards of 800 tons of barley for Admiral’s dozen varieties: Admiral Pils, Feldblume, Maiden Voyage, Gallaghers Best, Pacific Victor, Red Seven, Kilnsmith I, Kilnsmith II, Kilnsmith III, Admiral Hearth, and Yolo Gold malted wheat. To firsthand witness Admiral’s malting process is a picture of beauty. The story is best told overlooking the floor malting in action while enjoying a beer brewed with Admiral malts at The Rake.

Unlike any other pub in the world with its intimate view of the germination floor, Admiral offers a dynamic beer list (20 taps) at The Rake that continually showcases the ingenuity with which their brewery customers deploy the company’s malt. Since opening in January 2018, The Rake has premiered nearly 300 specialty beers brewed with Admiral malts making The Rake a mecca for beer geeks and general beer lovers alike. San Francisco Chronicle put The Rake on its short list of “The Bay Area’s Best New Places to Drink” in 2018. With its cured meats, cheeses, pates, hot sandwiches, snacks & bites, and soups & salads, The Rake is a must-visit destination for locals and out-of-town visitors (menu:

Reaching beyond The Rake to exclusively feature beers brewed with their malt are Admiral Showcases presented at bars up and down the West Coast. Admiral Showcases exhibit the seemingly endless options for brewers to employ Admiral malts in their brewing practices. For SF Beer Week 2019, Admiral Showcases will be hosted across the Bay Area, including at The Cooler (Feb. 4: San Leandro, California), The Alembic (Feb. 5: San Francisco, California), three bars along Ocean Avenue in San Francisco (Ocean Ale House, The Ave Bar, Randy’s Place: Feb. 9-10), and additional locations to be announced.

All five SF Beer Week 2019 collaboration beers will be brewed with Admiral malts, which have been donated to the Bay Area Brewers Guild. Host breweries will tap their regional collaboration beers at the SFBW “Opening Gala” at Pier 35 (Feb. 1: San Francisco, California), and then will be available at select venues across the greater Bay Area. The five host breweries include Fort Point (San Francisco), 21st Amendment (East Bay), Bear Republic (North Bay), Strike (Silicon Valley), and Half Moon Bay (Coastal). All five collaboration beers will be available at The Rake during SF Beer Week 2019.

Camaraderie is at the heart of the brewing community, a will to work alongside one another to advance independent practices to their greatest potential. When the tragic Camp Fire caused 86 civilian fatalities and displaced thousands of people, Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada announced the Resilience IPA benefit project, a fundraising effort with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to the Camp Fire Relief Fund. Admiral Maltings has donated 5,500 pounds of malt to Almanac, Modern Times, Standard Deviant, Ocean View, Sacrilege and Secret Trail for the brewing of their Resilience IPAs. Across the country, 1,400 breweries have banded together to raise funds for Camp Fire relief.

Admiral Maltings is hard at work trendsetting the local malt movement throughout California with their eye on the prize to encourage craft brewers/distillers in all corners of the country to embrace locally sourced, high quality and eco-friendly ingredients. To see what many famed brewers are already saying about Admiral Maltings, please see the accolades listed below.

About Admiral Maltings

Admiral Maltings produces premium quality malt using unique barley varieties, traditional floor-malting methods and sustainably grown, locally sourced grain. With our focus on process, terroir and grain variety, Admiral Maltings seeks to meet the changing demands of a growing craft beer and spirits industry by offering creativity, choice and innovation to craft brewers and distillers. Admiral Maltings fosters a robust connection between craft brewers and distillers and their local agricultural community. All barley used by Admiral Maltings is either no-till or certified organic. Admiral Maltings’ facility has a recycling water steep system, a grey water system, and 100 percent recyclable packaging.

What California Brewers Are Saying About Admiral Maltings

“It is awesome to have a local Maltster right here in the Bay Area using California-grown barley to make beautiful malt! The folks at Admiral have a great combination of malting expertise, brewing experience and commitment to quality. They are making excellent malt for all of us Northern California brewers to include in our beers, and they are using traditional techniques that make for a super high quality experience that shines through in the beers we are brewing with them!”
-Scott Ungermann, Brewmaster at Anchor Brewing Company

“Consumers today are more interested than ever about where our food comes from and how it’s processed. That’s why we are super stoked to see Admiral Maltings bring some old-fashioned craft malting back to California and help demystify one of the more curious inputs to good beer: the malting of barley. Dedicated passionate maltsters are taking local barley all the way to kilned bagged malt ready to brew with, all in one room. Next door at The Rake, you can taste what the brewers have done with Admiral Malts!”
-Jeremy Marshall, Brewmaster of Lagunitas Brewing Company

“It’s pretty unique and surreal that in 15 minutes we can be at a local maltster, taste floor malted barley straight out of the kiln, then walk next door and taste various beers that were brewed with that malt by awesome local breweries. I never imagined we’d ever see something like this in the metropolis that is the Bay Area. Just as valuable to us, we’ve gotten to spend time with the people of Admiral Malting and are doubly excited to use their malt knowing how passionate they are about malted barley and how great of people they all are.”
-Alex Tweet, Co-Owner and Head Brewer of Fieldwork Brewing Company

“We are excited to work with Admiral Maltings as it allows us to showcase a truly regional character to our beers and create a closer connection between the farmer, maltster and brewer. Most importantly, the freshly kilned floor malt gives our brewmaster a unique ingredient to brew incredibly aromatic and flavorful beers.”
-John Martin, Owner of Drake’s Brewing Company

“We believe that the dominant trend in beer is localization, and a local maltster is an important component of that localization. People care about where their beer is from and where the ingredients came from and how it got to them. We’re lucky to have Admiral here in the Bay Area helping us bring our drinkers closer to the ingredients in our beer.”
-Collin McDonnell, Co-Founder and CEO of HenHouse Brewing Company

“As a brewery with a focus on sustainability, we love any opportunity to source ingredients locally. Beer is, after all, an agricultural product and it’s a great advantage to know who grows your grain, malts your barley, grows your hops, etc. Admiral provides that connection to the malt and to the knowledgeable people who do this incredible work. At the end of the day, Admiral helps us increase our ‘love per barrel’ ratio.”
-Andy Hooper, Brewmaster of Seismic Brewing Company

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