3 Daughters Begins Canning

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — 3 Daughters Brewing, a bold new player in the craft beer scene, is launching two of its top selling beers in 12 oz. cans. With the introduction of the St. Pete Beach Blonde Ale and Bimini Twist IPA, the fast growing brewery can bring their handcrafted beers to a much wider audience.

“The next logical step was for us to launch our unique beers in cans,” says Mike Harting, CEO of 3 Daughters Brewing. “For us cans are ideal because they offer portability, superior freshness protection and are used many places where bottles are not. Especially being a Florida based brewery, people will pick cans to drink at the beach, while out on the boat or at home by the pool.”

3 Daughters Brewing already has hundreds of beers on tap at bars and restaurants in the state of Florida and will now be available in retail stores where canned beers are sold. Phase I of the can launch will focus on Tampa, St Petersburg and Sarasota and Phase II will roll out to the rest of the state in Q4.

About 3 Daughters Brewing

At 3 Daughters Brewing, we are focused on brewing amazing beers, providing superior service to retailers, and creating innovative brews for beer lovers. With a diverse portfolio of full-flavored craft beers, we are proud to be a member of the thriving craft beer community in Florida. For more details, go to: www.3DBrewing.com 3 Daughters Brewing is also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+