1623 Brewing Releases Coconut Stout, Classic Scelerisque Stout

BALTIMORE — 1623 closed out Stout Month (February) with the limited release of two new stouts— Coconut Stout and Classic Scelerisque Stout— to join their latest year-round release, Dry Irish Stout. Coconut Stout is available as a seasonal release in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and Classic Scelerisque Stout is available as a specialty in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans in Maryland and Pennsylvania across 1623’s distribution footprint.

Stout has met its match. Coconut Stout has a soft coconut aroma, creamy mouthfeel and savory undertones that play well with notes of roasted coffee. “We love coconut for its complexity”,” explained head brewer and co-owner, Zac Rissmiller. “It has flavors of milk, toast, caramel and even subtle earthy notes from its meat.”

A classic romance story, told in the language of love. Latin for chocolate strawberry, Classic Scelerisque is a Stout with strawberries and chocolate and bursts with notes of fresh strawberries, dark chocolate, and subtle roast on the finish. Swoon.

“With these releases I really wanted to showcase the style and versatility of stout,” explained Rissmiller. “This is just the beginning of how creative we get! Brewing beer is one of the only art forms where it challenges each of your senses— taste is an obvious one, but we wanted to focus on everything from the way these beer touches your tongue, the aroma of strawberries and chocolate or roasty-toasty coconut. the sight of the dark beer and color the head, the sound of a beer pouring or a can being opened— it’s a symphony all coming together. I hope these beers brings back memories in each of your senses, or creates new ones for you.”

About 1623 Brewing

1623 Brewing is a family owned, community driven craft brewery that calls both Maryland and Colorado home, where owners and cousins Mike and Sandy McKelvin, and Zac Rissmiller operate each home base of the brewery— 1,623 miles apart. The brewery’s tasting room is slated to open in Maryland’s Carroll County in 2019, and in the meantime 1623 Brewing cans and draft offerings are available in Central Maryland, Western Maryland and Central Pennsylvania. Learn more at 1623brewing.com.