Reserve Your Spot at the Brewbound Session Welcome Reception on Dec. 3


Brewbound is pleased to invite all Brewbound Session attendees to the official Brewbound Session welcome reception on Wednesday Dec. 3, the evening before Brewbound’s bi-annual business conference at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego. Sponsored by Davis Wright Tremaine LLP and Moss Adams LLP, this year’s welcome reception will be hosted at Modern Times Beer, located at 3725 Greenwood St., San Diego, Calif.

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Press Clips: Bud Looks to Attract Craft Loving Millennials


Perhaps the most startling fact from the Wall Street Journal’s recent report on the state of Budweiser is that, by Anheuser-Busch InBev’s own admission, nearly half – 44 percent – of 21- to 27-year-old drinkers have never even tried the beer. To bring young drinkers back to the brand, A-B InBev, the article adds, plans to trot out some “distinctly un-Budlike” marketing in the next year to appeal to the highly sought after millennial demographic.

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How the FDA’s New Calorie Count Requirements Impact Brewers


A U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruling that requires chain establishments with more than 20 locations to list caloric information on their menus may have left a significant gray area for craft beer. The new ruling, announced Tuesday, affects both on-and-off-premise establishments, including chain restaurants, movie theaters, vending machines as well as grocery and convenience stores serving prepared foods.

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Video: Is Woodchuck Drowning in a Sea of Cider?


Somehow, amidst all of the growth and excitement in cider, the category’s second-largest producer, Woodchuck, is suffering. Sales are in a downward spiral. In the six-month period ending Aug. 31, parent company C&C Group’s U.S. volumes fell 21 percent. Operating profit is down almost 90 percent and production of Woodchuck has declined 29 percent.

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Virginia Offers $80,000 to Help Build Mid-Atlantic’s First Hops Processing Facility


The state of Virginia and Loudoun County are together awarding $80,000 in grants to aid an effort to build the Mid-Atlantic region’s first ever commercial-scale hops processing facility. Black Hops Farm LLC will itself invest $1 million to convert a 15-acre pasture in Leesburg into the state’s largest hops yard to operate in conjunction with the processing plant.

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Florida Calls for Dismissal of Growler Suit


Florida’s Office of the Attorney General has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit that calls into question the constitutionality of the state’s long held and controversial ban on 64 oz. growlers. Currently, 32 and 128 oz. growlers are legal in the state, but 64 oz. packages, which are most commonly used for sales of take-home draft beer, are prohibited, something that many argue is harmful to the burgeoning craft beer industry.

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Nielsen: Hispanic Millennials Present Big Opportunity for Craft


It’s hardly news that craft beer is incredibly popular among the millennial demographic. But it can be hard to market to them armed with that information alone. As such, the bulk of Thursday’s “Power Hour” conference call, hosted by the Brewers Association, was spent further dissecting this demographic, specifically highlighting the untapped potential there is in the Hispanic population of young drinkers.

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Video Coverage of Brew Talks Connecticut is Now Available


Brewbound is pleased to announce that video playback from Brew Talks Connecticut is now available. The business and networking meetup, which took place at Two Roads Brewing on Tuesday, Nov. 18, featured two engaging conversations with Connecticut-based beer industry experts.

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Pabst Wasn’t Actually Sold to Russians?


Whoops, file this one in the retraction column. Apparently the Russians aren’t actually buying Pabst Brewing Company. In September, it was widely reported that Russia’s Oasis Beverage was teaming up with TSG Consumer Partners, a New York-based private equity firm, and beverage entrepreneur Eugene Kashper to buy the Pabst brand from C. Dean Metropoulos for upwards of $750 million.

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Press Clips: A-B InBev Cuts U.S. Jobs


In light of disappointing third quarter earnings results, Anheuser-Busch InBev has laid off an undisclosed number of U.S. employees, according to Market Watch. The cuts include salaried positions in a number of divisions, the report adds, from marketing, procurement, sales, and brewery operations. While the specific number of layoffs is unknown, one person close to the matter estimated it could be in the hundreds.

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Craft Brewery Veterans Discuss Growth, Category Trends in New York City


During last week’s Beer Marketer’s Insights conference in New York City, a pair of top-10 craft brewery founders took the stage to discuss category growth, brewery expansion plans and category trends, among other top-of-mind issues. Deschutes Brewery founder Gary Fish and Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy joined the conversation, moderated by Beer Marketer’s Insights president Benj Steinman.

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Reyes Holdings Signs Distribution Agreement with Coca-Cola in Chicago


The Coca-Cola Company today announced it has signed a definitive agreement with Reyes Holdings, granting the wholesaler the distribution rights for Coke products in the Chicago area. In today’s statement, Coke confirmed that Reyes, via its newly established “Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution L.L.C.” arm, would “dedicate all of the company’s sales and distribution activities on servicing the Coca-Cola brands.”

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