Walker Brothers Announces Wholesale Distribution in Philadelphia

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Walker Brothers High Gravity craft kombucha is now available in Philadelphia through the brand’s recent partnership with locally-based high-end craft beer distributor, 31st & Wharton. At 5% ABV, Walker Brothers High Gravity Kombucha starts with a gluten-free beer yeast and is made using a craft brewing process with organic, Direct Trade tea, and flavored with organic, freshly-pressed juice. It is open-fermented and unpasteurized—intentional practices that promote naturally developed good-for-your-gut probiotics.

Helmed by co-founding team members Luke Walker, Sam Walker, and Caroline Howard, Walker Brothers has been thoughtfully brewing Non-Alcoholic and High Gravity kombucha in Nashville, Tennessee, since 2018. Brothers Luke and Sam started the company with a SCOBY inherited from their aunt and a desire to develop a better-for-you craft beverage that creates space for moments of connection while also being conducive to a healthy lifestyle. By focusing on blending wellness with community, the family business embraces a collaborative spirit and prioritizes social responsibility through a commitment to treating customers, employees, partners, and the planet with care and respect.

“We are excited to launch in the greater Philadelphia area with the team at 31st & Wharton,” says Walker Brothers Co-Founder and Director of Sales, Sam Walker. “Their portfolio is full of top-notch craft suppliers that we both admire and look up to as we continue to grow and scale our own brewery, and we are proud to be sold alongside them. The 31st & Wharton team is highly educated, motivated, fun, and passionate about craft, and we could not be more excited to partner with them to grow the hard kombucha category.

31st and Wharton is a wholesaler that focuses on independent breweries, boutique brands, and emerging beverage categories in Eastern Pennsylvania.

“31st & Wharton has always been at the forefront of trends, and we feel there’s a coming wave and demand for traditional kombucha and hard kombucha in the market,” says Jim Wiggins, Director of Sales for 31st & Wharton. “We were searching for a company that felt like the right fit within our portfolio–a premium quality product, a team that pays attention to detail, and a personal connection between ownership and our senior leadership.”

All Walker Brothers kombucha starts with their house yeast and bacteria culture: their Family Culture. Though they implement slightly different brewing processes for the Non-Alcoholic and High Gravity products, both are open-fermented, unpasteurized, and made with organic ingredients. These traditional brewing practices provide a more sustainable approach to production and lend to light, refreshing, probiotic-filled beverages with nuanced and crisp flavor profiles. All Walker Brothers products are vegan, gluten-free, and rich in probiotics. The team is committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients—such as Peruvian ginger, Yosemite Valley watermelon, and more—that are showcased in their simplicity to let the underlying flavors of the kombucha shine.

Walker Brothers recently announced distribution in North Carolina and New York City, the first market expansions for the brand outside of its home state of Tennessee.

High Gravity (5% ABV) Flavors

  • Citra Hops: Whole-cone Citra hops lend bright citrus and ripe stone fruit notes to this brew, resulting in a kombucha with a smooth mouthfeel and tart, clean finish.
  • Ginger: Flavored with organic, cold-pressed ginger juice, this kombucha is subtly spicy and easy to drink, yet complex enough to keep you coming back for more.
  • Watermelon Lime: Organic watermelon and lime juice pair with Walker Brothers’ signature tea blend to convey notes of ripe melon and rind, creating a flavor profile that is a nuanced, refreshing combination of sweet and tart.

In addition to the brand’s core High Gravity flavors listed above, seasonal brews rotate periodically for both Non-Alcoholic and High Gravity products. These limited-quantity releases showcase fresh, seasonal ingredients, provide opportunities for collaboration with farmers, restaurants, and beverage professionals, as well as  incorporate creative design.

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