Wachusett Rolls Out Mixed 12-Pack


Westminster, MA – Wachusett Brewing Company released its highly anticipated “City of Champions” mix can 12-pack which features its award winning Green Monsta IPA and three brand new beers to the market — Brewin, Larry Triple Double and Bella Czech Pils.

“We have been working on this concept for over a year and knew that the execution of its release would be paramount to the success of this package,” said Wachusett Director of Sales and Marketing, TJ Morse.

“The Wachusett sales team aggressively pre-sold this item to many of our retailers and the initial feedback from the trade and our wholesaler partners was something we had never experienced. We knew we had a winner on our hands and since its release we have been doing all we can to get these amazing four beers into the hands of our fans. It has been by far the most successful launch of any Wachusett product in our 21-year history,” added Morse.

The initial production run has already been delivered to the market this week. WBC has ramped up production and will have the next batch of City of Champions available to distribute throughout New England the first week of October.