Wachusett Brewing Makes Investment into Contract Operations

In January, we brought you a video interview with Wachusett Brewing President Ned LaFortune discussing the acquisition of a canning line.

With that purchase, Wachusett became the only brewer in Massachusetts with canning equipment and effectively set itself up as a go-to contact canning facility for other New England based brewers.

And if the company’s most recent press release is any indication, Wachusett is making a serious push to get deeper into the contact business.

Additional expansion efforts include the acquisition of a cold-storage distribution warehouse, two new Rolec fermentation tanks and the construction of a new quality control lab. Brewery spokesperson Kim Slayton told Brewbound.com that the company invested in more dry freight trailers and is looking to purchase of a ‘food grade’ tanker truck which would give Wachusett the ability to haul finished beer from any contact partners looking to can.

The question is, will Wachusett continue to be known as the “Blueberry” brewery, or will it become the premier contract option in New England?

Slayton said the Wachusett brand is still the primary focus, but admits that brewhouse modifications will allow for full contract brewing, bottling and canning in 2013.

“The Wachusett brand isn’t going to falter because of the expansions,” she said.

The brewery will begin canning Wachusett Blueberry and Green Monsta IPA with a scheduled release for May of this year. The brewery said it also intends on opening new markets with the package.

“Our wholesalers have made the market opportunities clear for the Wachusett brands and other craft canned beers as well,” said LaFortune. “We expect to open new markets in the future with draft and cans.”