Video: Dogfish Head’s Calagione Asks Beer Enthusiasts to Join ‘Support Your Local Brewery’ Network

Last week, the Brewers Association unveiled a new video promoting the “Support Your Local Brewery (SYLB)” network, a grassroots activist organization geared at passionate beer enthusiasts.

The organization is currently comprised of 40,000 direct members from all 50 states but has the ability to reach 900,000 people through its brewery partnerships. The group’s mission is to assist brewers in obtaining fair market access, as well as fair legislative and regulatory treatment.

The newest video features Brewers Association Chair and Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione. In the video he discusses the importance of joining the network and even recalls a specific instance where the network helped curtail potential legislation the brewery’s home state of Delaware.

Members of SYLB receive an action alert when national or state legislative or regulatory issues threaten the livelihood of small, independent and traditional breweries.