Upland Releases Routes for Tour de Upland

Bloomington, IN — Upland Brewing Company is excited to release this year’s routes for Tour de Upland.ÔÇ¿ÔÇ¿

Routes include a 16 mile “Dragonfly”, 35 mile “Nuthugger”, 65 mile “Campside”, and 100 mile “Infinite Wisdom.” For early trainers, route maps can be found on our blog.ÔÇ¿ÔÇ¿

Camping and cycling experiences can be purchased in bundled packages or a la carte via the Tour de Upland registration page. www.tourdeupland.comÔÇ¿ÔÇ¿

Live music includes Friday night performance by Busman’s Holiday and Saturday night performances with Chainsaw Mondays and John Dehner & The Enthusiasts.

Tour de Upland will be August 15th – 17th and hosted at Camp Framasa in Brown County, Indiana. Registration for the Weekend and Core experiences include all the beer, biking, food, live music, and camping your heart could desire. Come party with us; we’ll bring the beer.


Upland Brewing Company Inc. is a Bloomington, Indiana-based brewery established in 1998 that specializes in handcrafted ales, lagers, and lambics.