Twisted Manzanita Renames Top Seasonal

enlightenmintSan Diego, CA — A Popular Seasonal has a new look and a new name.

Renaming a beer can be a tricky undertaking. The beer may already have a following or it could cause confusion. Naming a beer in itself can be a time consuming affair, for Twisted Manzanita we try to find names that allude to the taste of the beer itself. We felt that Night Before Christmas was no longer fulfilling its beer name obligations. Enlightenmint, helps to encapsulate this bold American Stout’s true essence.

When speaking about the name change Nina Izadi, Head of Marketing for Twisted Manzanita stated, “Names need to draw interest to a beer, and we felt that Night Before Christmas was taking away from the attraction of the beer itself, also ‘Enlightenmint’ as a name helps to bring to light the mint flavor that is within the beer.”

Updates to the beer also include a stronger ABV, along with some small recipe adjustments creating an all around bolder beer! There is also the updated label as well; this helps to add to the story of Enlightenmint. We wanted to bring to light an aspect of the Enlightenment period, something our Founding Fathers looked to when writing the Declaration of Independence.

Enlightenmint’s robust, creamy body exudes warm chocolate notes and strong peppermint to create a memorable dessert inspired brew. Sip a pint of this confectionery treat or top it off with a scope of ice cream for a delicious beer float!


Mint Chocolate Stout

8% ABV

Available November —February

Bottle Release Party: December 6th See Facebook for more details.