Traveler Beer Company Releases Fall Seasonal Jack-O Traveler


Burlington, VT  – The Traveler Beer Company, brewers of THE American craft Shandy, is returning with their seasonal favorite – Jack-O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy – to answer craft beer lovers’ quest for refreshment.

Jack-O Traveler, which was one of the top selling craft pumpkin beer in 2015, combines all of the season’s favorite flavors into a delicious Shandy that’s perfect for fall indulgences, adult trick-or-treating, or after-work happy hour. Mixing real pumpkin and autumn spices, Jack-O is a sessionable alternative to more traditional heavy fall beers.

“There’s no denying that pumpkin will forever be the flavor of fall,” said Alan Newman, founder of The Traveler Beer Company. “We pride ourselves in being able to offer our fans a refreshing fall beer that is packed with flavor but won’t knock them down during the season’s festivities.”

The Traveler Beer Company – also brewers of Traveler Grapefruit Shandy – has drawn inspiration from the European Shandy, which is traditionally ale mixed with lemonade or lemon-lime soda. Traveler has given this style of beer a new life on this side of the pond, brewing Shandys inspired by American drinkers’ passion for high-quality craft beers. Traveler’s Shandys are brewed with real ingredients such as grapefruit, pumpkin, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, lime and pomegranate. Flavorful, bold and refreshing, these are Shandys for beer lovers.

Jack-O Traveler will be available for a limited time on tap alongside other Traveler beers, as well as in 6-packs and 12-packs. It is also available in the Fall Variety Pack, along with Traveler Grapefruit Shandy, IPA Shandy, and Count Traveler, a Variety Pack-exclusive blood orange Shandy. Traveler Grapefruit Shandy, the company’s flagship variety, made with real grapefruit, is available year-round in bottles and on tap at bars and restaurants. A list of locations that sell and pour Traveler beers can be found here:

About The Traveler Beer Company

The Traveler Beer Company is a craft beer venture based in Burlington, Vermont, and was launched in 2012 with the mission of combining European Shandy-inspired refreshment with American ingenuity to create a line of craft beers that are both fun and refreshing. The Traveler Beer Company is an A&S Brewing Collaborative brand, a subsidiary of the Boston Beer Company. For more information, visit