Tennessee Brew Works & Five Wits Brewing Release Hazy Trails IPA to Benefit Tennessee State Parks

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville’s Tennessee Brew Works (“TBW”) and Chattanooga’s Five Wits Brewing Co. (“FWB”) have teamed-up again to benefit Tennessee State Parks through their brewing collaboration, Hazy Trails IPA.

Hazy Trails IPA was brewed specifically to help raise funds for the Tennessee State Parks Conservancy. Brewers of Hazy Trails IPA describe the beer as grapefruit shinning on your palate with hints of mango and pineapple throughout each sip. At 5.2% ABV and 20 IBUs, this tropical and juicy hazy IPA is smooth with low bitterness and high drinkability perfect to beat the Tennessee heat.

Hazy Trails IPA will be tapped with a limited release at both Tennessee Brew Works, 809 Ewing Ave in Nashville, and Five Wits Brewing Co, 1501 Long St in Chattanooga, on Friday, June 25.

The draft only, limited release Hazy Trails will also be available in craft beer bars and restaurants throughout Middle Tennessee, Chattanooga, and Knoxville in the following weeks.

“Bringing people and communities together is what we believe in—it is the centerpiece of every decision we make at Five Wits Brewing,” said Nathan Michaels, co-founder of Five Wits Brewing. “We consider it a great privilege to work with both Tennessee Brew Works and Tennessee State Parks to heighten awareness for something we passionately support, but also to bring all communities together to support each other.”

“Five Wits Brewing and Tennessee Brew Works have combined our mutual appreciation for local craft brew, spectacular trails and landscapes of our state.” said Christian Spears, founder and president of Tennessee Brew Works. “Working together with craft beer for the betterment of our beloved Tennessee State Parks is the perfect pairing.”

About Tennessee Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works was founded in 2013 with a mission to create high quality craft beer that pays homage to the land, traditions, and culture of Tennessee. They brew beers using only natural ingredients and source them from local farms whenever possible. Tennessee Brew Works is owned and operated by folks in Tennessee. They are guided by their motto: “We work hard to create high quality craft beer that makes Tennessee proud. Our culture places importance on family, friends, and community, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.”

About Five Wits Brewing Co.

Five Wits Brewing Company was founded through a shared passion for beer and ongoing pursuit to deliver an unforgettable experience to loyal beer drinking friends. They believe drinking beer should be a highly visceral and dynamic experience. Around their brewery, they call it ‘tapping into your senses.’ The can, bottle, or pint glass that carries this liquid gold and sets the mood with imagery that gives an initial perspective of the brew that it contains. The aromas and effervescence stimulate the nose. If you close your eyes and listen closely, you might even hear the beer’s artful whispers bouncing atop the bubbles. When you or your friends crack open a Five Wits Brewing Co. beer, the first thing you taste is the hard work and passion that they have poured into that glass. Whether you are taking a seat in the Five Wits Brewing tap room or enjoying their beer elsewhere, you’ll be joining them on a journey to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for that beverage they love and enjoy so much.

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