Riverbend Malt House Adds 2-Row Pilsner Malt To Cumberland Series

ASHEVILLE, NC – Riverbend Malt House is expanding the Cumberland Series of Tennessee-grown malt offerings with a 2-Row Pilsner variety that is now available for purchase by breweries, distilleries, and homebrew supply shops in the Southeast.

The Cumberland Pilsner debut is the second malt in this series, following the Cumberland Corn Malt™ that Riverbend first released in 2019. This 2-Row Calypso selection was grown at Teeter Farm and Seed Co. in Clarksville, TN. When malted it weighs in at 2 SRM with high extract and superior diastatic powder, perfect for brewing Helles-style Lagers.

With the demand for locally grown and malted grains comes cravings for diversity of flavor, which Riverbend has been committed to exploring since its start. The addition of Cumberland Pilsner builds nuance into Riverbend’s breadth of 2 and 6-Row base malts sourced from family farms across the Southeast region.

“Our customers are interested in exploring the terroir of the South and Cumberland Pilsner offers the next step in our single origin series,” says Riverbend’s Co-Founder Brent Manning. “This variety delivers more biscuity, bread crumb flavors and sweeter aromatics when compared to our Chesapeake Pilsner released earlier this year.”


Riverbend Malt House is on a quest to connect Southeastern family owned farms and fermenters. Co-Founders Brent Manning and Brian Simpson launched Riverbend, the first craft malthouse east of the Mississippi, in 2010. Buoyed by a 70,000 foot production facility and state of the art equipment, Riverbend Malt House helps breweries and distilleries large, small, and in-between stand out with flavor, locality, and community in an increasingly competitive landscape— all the while challenging the status quo of corporate, big-agriculture malt.

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