PourMyBeer Announces Integration With Clover POS

Chicago, IL – PourMyBeer, a global market leader in providing self-serve beverage technology to bars, restaurants and breweries has expanded its integration network with Clover POS. This integration will provide establishments of all sizes with a new way to improve the guest experience and streamline operations.

The Clover & PourMyBeer integration greatly increases the quality and speed of service in the front of the house and streamlines and reduces the management workload on the back of the house. The operators can manage your entire self-pour beverage database in one system (PourMyBeer system). The PourMyBeer system automatically syncs to Clover POS inventory, so you don’t have to enter any data twice.

Currently, the PourMyBeer and Clover integration allows for much faster and smoother operations in various Crave Hot Dogs & Barbeque shops. One of the operators utilizing this integration, Carl Moore Jr., the Owner of Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ in Pflugerville, TX says: “With Clover POS, closing a customer out is much smoother since the beer wall purchases automatically show up on the customer’s tab.”

Josh Goodman, the CEO and founder of PourMyBeer adds: “We’re excited to make the connection to their POS. They have an open and friendly API to connect to, similar to their partnership team. We look forward to spreading the word about our partnership and the integration to all that will listen.”

About PourMyBeer

PourMyBeer’s self-pour technology enables faster, more efficient access to beverages by allowing consumers to pour their own beer, wine, cocktails, cold brew, and kombucha, and pay by the ounce. PourMyBeer is the world leader of self-pour, serving customers such as Whole Foods, Buffalo Wild Wings, the U.S. Air Force, Caesars Entertainment, Walk-Ons and many more. PourMyBeer has over 8,000 taps in service at bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels and grocery stores around the world.

About Clover

As of the quarter ended September 2020, Clover processed $133 billion of annualized card transactions worldwide, making it the largest U.S. cloud POS firm.

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