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Haas Announces Release of Incognito Hop-Flavoring Product

DENVER, COLORADO and YAKIMA, WASHINGTON – At the Craft Brewers Conference, America’s largest craft brewing industry gathering, John I. Haas, Inc. and the Barth-Haas Group introduced INCOGNITO, a breakthrough new flowable hop-flavoring product with worldwide implications on how great beer gets made.

Addressing a core conundrum of brewing hop-forward beer, INCOGNITO reduces process loss by up to 25 percent by enabling brewers to replace “thirsty,” wort-absorbing hop pellets with a 100 percent-hops-based liquid that is easy to pour at ambient temperatures. Easy to ship, store and pour, INCOGNITO also greatly reduces the amount of spent hops for disposal at the end of the brewing process, offering a sustainable, more environmentally-friendly brewing outcome.

Significantly, INCOGNITO delivers process efficiency while enhancing flavor. In extensive taste-testing, reviewers judged beer brewed with INCOGNITO as equal or superior to beer brewed with traditional hop pellets. Variety-specific and true to type, INCOGNITO Citra, INCOGNITO Mosaic and INCOGNITO Ekuanot, empower craft brewers to pursue the creation of their most ambitious beers while achieving the flavor profiles their customers crave.

“The release of INCOGNITO is a milestone for the craft brewing industry that literally opens the spigot on creating some of the world’s most exciting, flavorful beers,” said Phillip Chou, director of brewing solutions at John I. Haas. “In solving what had seemed to be an intractable problem, John I. Haas and the Barth-Haas Group have once again highlighted their relentless focus on innovation to improve the process and taste outcomes of brewers and beer drinkers alike.”

Added Ross Koenigs, research and development brewer at New Belgium Brewing: “As consumer thirst for hoppy beers has continued to intensify, brewers have had to swallow all the waste inherent in adding even more hops to the brewing process. That’s why the introduction of INCOGNITO is such a big deal. At New Belgium, we are loving how easy it is to use this liquid-hop product, enjoying how great it makes our beer taste, and looking forward to the many efficiency and sustainable gains that will come with using it. INCOGNITO is a boon for the craft-brewing industry: it is going to help a lot of brewers make their next great beers while improving their bottom lines.”

Continually striving to provide innovative new products in the hops industry, John I. Haas and the Barth-Haas Group are excited to offer INCOGNITO to brewers worldwide. To learn more about the benefits and advantages of brewing with INCOGNITO, please call your Barth-Haas Group representative or visit for more information.

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