Craftpeak Announces Square Integration

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Leading beverage industry e-commerce and web solution firm Craftpeak announces a new partnership with point-of-sale and payment processing provider Square, allowing Craftpeak’s digital storefronts to seamlessly integrate Square services into the direct-to-consumer sales pipeline for producers and retailers.

“Last year’s taproom closures demonstrated the immediate need for e-com solutions in the regulated beverage industry, but also exposed the challenges many small businesses, including breweries, face in shifting from on-premise to online sales,” explains Craftpeak co-founder and CEO John Kelley. “E-com has become an indispensable tool producers need to run their businesses, but you need very specific capabilities on the e-commerce side to sell a regulated product like beer. Our job is to help those tools, like digital storefronts and point-of-sale systems, communicate with each other to the greatest extent possible, making life easier for our breweries and giving them the information they need to make data-driven decisions.”

The integration of Craftpeak’s online storefronts with Square POS systems allows partner breweries to synchronize realtime inventory analysis with both in-house sales and online orders, ensuring accurate data reporting and facilitating comprehensive product management.  By bridging the communicational divide between sales and inventory, Craftpeak’s partnership with Square can reduce the total man-hours dedicated to product stock oversight and provide retail customers with an improved purchase experience by precluding potential misalignments between internally reported sales and actual product on hand.

Kelley adds: “Our ultimate goal is to make sure that breweries can provide the same level of customer experience they deliver in their taprooms through their web stores. Establishing this partnership with Square is a big step that will allow many of our brewery clients to accomplish that goal.”

Of Craftpeak’s roster of brewery partners, approximately thirty-five percent are current Square users, making it the most popular POS system among Craftpeak clients and therefore a logical choice for integration in Craftpeak’s continuing mission to provide valuable e-com tools to the largest possible cross-section of the craft beverage community. Craftpeak’s Square integration feature is available now, free of charge, to all current and future breweries engaged in the Craftpeak ecosystem. Beverage companies interested in exploring Craftpeak’s innovative suite of e-com products, including Square integration, can learn more at or by emailing

About Craftpeak

Craftpeak is a technology company creating digital solutions for the regulated beverage industry. Since its inception in 2016, the Asheville-based firm has helped a global roster of craft beverage thought leaders navigate the shifting demands of the online marketplace. Dedicated to giving its partners powerful tools to tell their unique stories, Craftpeak’s innovative approach to developing brand narratives across digital channels continues to foster the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit its clients embody. Learn more about how Craftpeak can drive growth and generate value for your craft beverage businesses through its e-commerce, web design and customer experience management services by visiting 

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