Stone Brewing Co. Breaks 100,000 Likes On Facebook

Stone Brewing CoESCONDIDO, CA – Stone Brewing Co. is proud to announce that its Facebook fan page has surpassed 100,000 “Likes,” an epic win befitting the “All-Time Top Brewery on Planet Earth” (an honor justly bestowed by BeerAdvocate Magazine). Stone Brewing’s Facebook page has added 81,801 new Likes in the last year and a half.

“This is a victory for me and for us…but mostly me,” said Jacob McKean, Stone Brewing’s Communications Specialist and Facebook maestro. “Wait, is this on the record? Because my quote should be something team oriented. I’ll need to think on that and get back to you.”

“Our Facebook page has morphed from a ‘seriously, we’re spending time on this?’ little afterthought into one of our most important communications tools,” said Greg Koch, Stone CEO & Co-Founder. “Wait, it’s my face they’re ‘Liking’, right?”

In its nearly 15 years of existence, Stone has never advertised its beer online, in print, on TV, or anywhere else, making it uniquely reliant on, and well-versed in social media.

“We earned our growth on Facebook the old-fashioned way: with witty, insightful writing; useful, timely information; and pictures of uncommonly attractive food. In fact, the food has been so popular we’re looking into scratch & sniff options…having a ruggedly handsome Communications Specialist hasn’t hurt either,” said McKean. Koch declined further comment, mumbling something about suddenly “ÔǪnot feeling so well.”

Social media is really just an extension of the word-of-mouth marketing we’ve been doing since the beginning,” said Mike Palmer, Stone’s Creative Director and OG social media maven. “Now we just have a bigger, prettier, louder mouth.”

Koch again declined further formal comment after hearing Palmer’s quote, but made a sound somewhat akin to the groan of a beached humpback before slumping over with his head buried in his hands. (That he uttered under his breath “I’m never letting you guys talk to the media again, ever” could not be confirmed.)

Stone’s Facebook page can be found at

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