Stockholm’s Newest Craft Brewery Opens

Stockholm, Sweden – Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is opening — a new and modern craft brewery in the F-marked Luma factory in Hammarby Sj├Âstad, with its own restaurant. Behind the project are Carlsberg Sweden and Brooklyn Brewery, as well as private investors.

Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is a revival of the Carnegie Brewery, a 178-year-old brand that is the oldest trademark in Sweden. It is thus rooted in Sweden’s brewing history but dedicated to the new spirit of innovation that is sweeping the world of beer.

Swedish Minister of Rural Affairs, Eskil Erlandsson opened New Carnegie today, March 27, culminating two years of work by the partners behind the project. Attending the event were Marc Jensen, CEO of Carlsberg Sweden, as well as Brooklyn Brewery’s GM Eric Ottaway, Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and co-founder Steve Hindy.

“Since our company’s founding, we’ve always looked outward. Steve Hindy and I both discovered beer while traveling abroad. The Ottaways grew up in far-flung places around the globe. And in Sweden we’ve found a real community that has welcomed us with open arms. It’s only natural that we partner with our friends here to create a new chapter in brewing,” says Garrett Oliver.

The new brewery is operated by a subsidiary of Brooklyn Brewery, one of America’s top 10 craft breweries. Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is the very first overseas joint venture with an American brewery, an exciting example of how far beer has come in the U.S. and the world. Brooklyn beers are distributed by Carlsberg throughout Scandinavia. The Swedish-based staff of New Carnegie has been hired by and trained at Brooklyn Brewery under Garrett Oliver. They are brewmaster Anders Wendler, general manager Fredrik Vogel, and brewers Josefine Karlsson, Christoffer Thurgesson, and Karl Fornarve.

Wendler and Oliver presented the brewery’s five inaugural beers. The beers are Nya Carnegie Kellerbier, Nya Carnegie Amber, Nya Carnegie Primus Lux, Nya Carnegie Lumens in Tenebris and Nya Carnegie J.A.C.K. (a sessionable IPA that uses the first letter of our brewer’s names in Stockholm). Also on tap are Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Hammarby Syndrome and Carnegie Porter 175. Moreover, there will be a real ale tap and a number of different bottle beers, primarily from different Swedish craft breweries, and also a selection of vintage bottles.

“For me beer is both my job and my hobby,” said Wendler, a homebrewer in his spare time. “Therefore it feels amazing to be part of creating Nya Carnegiebryggeriet, that we hope will be a beer temple for everyone who wants to explore the world of beer.”

Nya Carnegiebryggeriet will make small scale quality beer that is both tasteful and innovative. The beer will be available both as draught and in bottles and will be sold at the nearest Systembolag, in selected restaurants and bars in Stockholm, Sweden, and the world.

Restaurant Nya Carnegiebryggeriet

There is also a restaurant in the premises of the brewery, where the combination of beer and food is in focus. The restaurant is run by restaurant manager Tobias Nordahl and head chef Billy White, who previously worked at Mathias Dahlgrens Matbaren in Stockholm and F├ñviken in J├ñmtland, both with substantial knowledge from the gastronomic scene. In Hammarby Sj├Âstad they will be creating something completely new in the old F-marked Luma building by the water, next to the brewery.

— “Restaurant Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is an amazing project. What inspired me the most was meeting with the brewers and talking with Brewmaster Oliver about his philosophy of pairing beer with food. Their knowledge of craft really rubbed off. In the kitchen, we are striving to put into action the ideas from Oliver’s book, Brewmaster’s Table,” says Billy White, head chef at Nya Carnegiebryggeriet.

The restaurant and the brewery will be open to the public on April 9th. Visit for more information and booking.


Nya Carnegiebryggeriet

  • Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is a new and modern craft brewery in central Stockholm resting on old traditions, uniting history, innovation and quality. Behind the project are Carlsberg Sweden and Brooklyn Brewery, as well as private investors.
  • Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is the first European brewery to be operated by an American craft brewer.
  • Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is situated by Strandhusen in Hammarby Sj├Âstad, a part of the F-marked Luma factory — one of the most important buildings of the Swedish functionalism style.
  • The craft beers of Nya Carnegiebryggeriets will be sold on both barrel and bottle, at the nearest Systembolag, selected restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden and the world.
  • Nya Carnegiebryggeriet will brew approximately 300,000 liters of beer during its first year, but has the capacity of making over one million liters of beer per year.
  • The Sweden-based staff of Nya Carnegiebryggeriet has been hired by Brooklyn Brewery and trained under Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver in their Williamsburg, Brooklyn facility.
  • Carlsberg Sweden started its long brewing tradition in Stockholm in the 1670’s, and has long been missing a Stockholm based brewery. Now when all the pieces have come together a brand new brewery is realized in the middle of Stockholm and a new page in the history books turns.
  • American Brooklyn Brewery is an internationally leading and innovative brewery with major significance to modern brewery culture. Brooklyn Brewery is famous for its respect for tradition and ability to push the boundaries of beer with its Garrett Oliver-penned recipes.
  • Carnegie Porter was first brewed in 1836 and is one of the oldest Swedish beers — also the oldest active brand in Sweden, and has become known all over the world.

More about the first beers

  • Nya Carnegie – Amber (4.8%)
    Nya Carnegie Amber is designed to be enjoyed with food and be as versatile as possible. It goes excellent with grilled or fried meats and vegetables.

– Style: Amber Ale

– Malt: Floor-malted Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt, Amber Malt, Melanoidin Malt from Great Britain

– Hops: Perle (bittering), Fuggles (aroma)

– Yeast: Brooklyn House Ale

– ABV: 4.8%

– Original Gravity: 11.8┬░ Plato

  • Nya Carnegie — J.A.C.K. (4.5%)
    J.A.C.K. is a Pale Ale that goes perfectly with fish and shellfish, food with Indian spices and fattier dishes.

– Style: Pale Ale

– Malt: Floor-malted Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt, Light Crystal Malt from the UK

– Hops: Willamette (bittering), Admiral and Bravo (aroma and dry hop)

– Yeast: Brooklyn House Ale

– ABV: 4.5%

– Original Gravity: 10┬░ Plato

  • Nya Carnegie Kellerbier (5.9%)
    A Kellerbier with a personal touch whose ambition is to be the best of them all. Goes perfect with shellfish, herring, salmon and Thai food.

– Style: Kellerbier

– Malt: Floor-malted Bohemian Hanka Pilsner Malt

– Hops: Perle (bittering), Czech Saaz and German Mittelfruh (aroma)

– Yeast: Weihenstephaner Lager yeast

– ABV: 5.9%

– Original Gravity: 14┬░ Plato

  • Nya Carnegie — Lumens In Tenebris (6.7%)
    Lumens in Tenebris is the product of an experiment where the brewer was given free hands. It has the foundation of a traditional saison, but is deliberately dark. Different types of pepper are added towards the end of the process. These are balanced by dark Belgian candy syrup. The result is a harmony where tones of caramel contrast peppery spices. Lovely with broiled scallops and fish, charcuteries and Asian flavors, especially hoisin.

– Style: Dark Spiced Saison

– Malt: Weyermann Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt, De-husked Black Malt

– Hops: Perle (bittering), Saaz (aroma)

– Yeast: Belgian Saison yeast

– ABV: 6.7%

– Original Gravity: 14.5┬░ Plato

  • Nya Carnegie — Primus Lux (7.0%)
    This is a winter ale with a balanced bitterness. It is dark and has tones of caramel and roasted sweetness, with hints of coffee and chocolate. Goes with braised meat, stews, dark sauces, sturdy soups and desserts, especially chocolate.

– Style: Strong Dark Ale

– Malt: German Pale, Munich and Cara Malts. English Crystal and Pale Chocolate Malts.

– Additive: Muscovado Sugar

– Hops: Galena (bittering), Bramling Cross (aroma)

– Yeast: Brooklyn House Ale

– ABV: 7.0%

– Original Gravity: 17┬░ Plato


Restaurant Nya Carnegiebryggeriet

  • Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is a center for all beer lovers. The restaurant is fully focused on beer and food. People will be able to try special brews here that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • Restaurant Nya Carnegiebryggeriet builds on the brewery’s ambition to offer innovative flavor experiences. The food has its base in classical flavors and is also inspired by the local area producers. Every beer that the brewery creates will be matched with the food on the menu to enhance the taste experience.
  • The restaurant will explore the combination of beer and food. Wine will not be available.
  • The restaurant is run by restaurant manager Tobias Nordahl and head chef Billy White, previously working at Mathias Dahlgrens Matbaren in Stockholm and F├ñviken in J├ñmtland before they accepted the challenge of creating something completely new in Hammarby Sj├Âstad.
  • The restaurant will not be serving traditional beer food such as large steaks, sausages and pretzels. Instead there will be more refined food. In many ways the restaurant will have more available than a classical beer hall and equally relevant for men and women.
  • The restaurant has about 40 seats in the restaurant part for pre-booking and approximately the same amount of seats in the bar for drop in. Outside there is space for more than 150 guests.
  • There will be eight draft beers in the restaurant, five of them coming from Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. One tap will be designated for a Carlsberg product, one for a Brooklyn product and one tap for other Swedish craft breweries. Moreover, there will be a real ale tap and a number of different bottle beers, primarily from different Swedish craft breweries, but also a selection of vintage bottles.

Example of dishes from the restaurant

  • Pork from Domta, Smoked Barley and Onions
  • Raw Scallops, Apple, Kohlrabi and Lardo
  • Raw Vegetables, Cod Roe and Chicken Skin
  • Blood Orange Pavlova



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