Southern Tier To Host Earth Day Event At Brewery

LAKEWOOD, NY – Did you know that all of our six packs are made of recycled box board? It’s true! What else do we do to help the environment? Well, Earth Day is coming soon, and we’ve teaming up with our old friends at Schichtel’s Nursery for a great day! We “dig the earth,” and make 422 as a tribute to Earth Day. It was our first beer to feature recycled boxboard carriers.

Stop by the brewery any time after noon on Friday, April 22, and we’ll give you a sapling blue spruce with every 6 pack of 422 Pale Wheat Ale you purchase. We’ll be running this special program until all the trees are out of here. Visit the brewery at 2072 Stoneman Circle, Lakewood, New York. We’re just past Big Tree Road on Hunt, heading toward Ashville. Please note, the Empty Pint Pub at the Brewery will not be open until regular Friday hours begin at 4pm.

For more information and a map to the brewery, visit