Shannon Brewing Company Signs with Barrel House Distributing

Shannon Brewing Company Bringing its All-Natural Fire-Brewed Beers to Austin, Texas

Keller, TX — Shannon Brewing Company will begin distributing its fire-brewed beers in Austin, Texas in mid-November. The brewery has a new distribution agreement with Texas Barrel House Distributing, LLC to bring its beer to Austin in kegs and 12 OZ can cases.

Shannon Brewing Company produces all-natural beer the way it was done centuries ago — with pure spring water, all natural ingredients and FIRE. The Shannon Brewery engineered and commissioned a one-of-a-kind brewhouse, allowing it to heat its mash (grain + water) and wort (sweet liquid extracted from the mash) with fire. Shannon Carter, Founder of Shannon Brewing, says “Brewing with fire certainly isn’t new…in fact, it’s so old most brewers have moved away from it. Fire is more difficult to control than other heating sources such as steam or electricity but it enables us to delicately caramelize our sugars, producing truly wonderful and unique beers.”

The brewery must be doing something right. In its first year of existence, the Shannon Brewery has been honored with a Silver Medal for its Irish Red Ale at the Commonwealth Cup and a Gold Medal for its Chocolate Stout at the U.S. Open Beer Championship.

As if brewing with fire were’t unique enough, Shannon Brewing Company built its brewery by a natural spring in Keller, Texas called Samantha Springs. The spring has been producing quality drinking water for North Texas for longer than Texas has been a State. According to Mr. Carter, “the spring water has the perfect pH and mineral content for our style of beer. It is simply the best water I could find and I had to brew with it.”

Shannon Brewing Company will immediately begin distributing its core product portfolio in Austin, followed by several seasonal beers. The Shannon Brewery core products consists of:

  • Shannon All American Blonde – a lightly hopped and very drinkable blonde ale.
  • Shannon Irish Red – a beautiful red ale with a malty start, a gentle hop aroma and crisp clean finish.
    • 2015 Commonwealth Cup Silver Medal Winner
  • Shannon IPA – a gently hopped and perfectly balance English-style IPA
  • Shannon Chocolate Stout – a rich and subtly sweet milk stout with a wonderful chocolate aroma
    • 2015 U.S. Open Beer Championship Gold Medal Winner

For additional information on Shannon Brewing Company, please contact Scott Nichols at 817-337-9892.