Second Line Brewing Releases Limited Edition Tap Handle for MSY Common Lager

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – Second Line Brewing is excited to announce the release of a limited edition tap handle to promote one of its latest market offerings, MSY Common Lager.

This easy-drinking amber colored brew gets its name from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) three letter code for the New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport, MSY.  Celebrating the proud aviation history of New Orleans and the recently opened state-of-the-art MSY terminal, this one-of-a-kind, aviation themed tap handle was developed in collaboration with Scale Innovations, a New Orleans based full-service industrial design and fabrication firm.

Scale Innovations, a uniquely equipped industrial design firm specializes in early-stage product development and specialty fabrication. “We’re thrilled to work with a company like Second Line that is elevating what made in New Orleans can mean. Our goal with this design was simple; make something that mirrors the quality and spirit that Second Line puts into every one of their beers. It’s that same feeling that keeps drawing people from around the world to our city — you just can’t find anything else quite like it.” Scale Innovations Founder, Lyle LeBlanc.

The vintage 1950’s airplane propeller concept of this handle harkens back to the Golden Age of air travel and the long history of commercial aviation in New Orleans. Serving the New Orleans area since 1946, MSY was built upon land named Moisant Stock Yards, after aviator John Moisant – hence the IATA code MSY. John Moisant was an award winning pilot who founded a traveling air circus with his brother, flying in air shows all over the country, including in Kenner, LA.  Over the years, the name of the New Orleans airport has changed several times, until being named Louis Armstrong International Airport in 2001 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Louis Armstrong’s birth.

“Long the gateway to New Orleans for travelers from all over the world, MSY has welcomed and introduced countless millions to this charmed magical city we call home” said Mark Logan, Co-Founder of Second Line Brewing.  “As a result,  MSY has  become for travelers and locals alike, a codeword  for New Orleans; capable of conjuring memories of great times, fantastic food and terrific beer.”

“We considered  many of the traditional options available for designing and producing tap handles, but we knew we wanted a tap handle that was impactful, captured the allure of air travel and would serve as a centerpiece on draft towers throughout the New Orleans area. said Logan.  “After looking at our options we decided to partner with Scale Innovations, given their outstanding reputation and the fact that they are just a few miles from our brewery and we liked the idea of keeping the project in New Orleans.”

Second Line Brewing was founded in 2014 by a group of friends wanting adventure and the chance to share the joys of craft beer with their community.  For the Second Line Brewing team, operating a neighborhood brewery is about having fun, brewing our best, and bringing people together.   As a Women-, Veteran- and Minority-owned business, Second Line Brewing stands committed to promoting the principles of diversity, inclusion and equality within the craft beer industry and our community.

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