Right Brain Brewery to Release Mangalitsa Pig Porter

Right Brain brewery’s Mangalitsa Pig porter Makes its 2016 Debut

Traverse City, MI – Unconventional? Sure. Impossible? Absolutely not.

Right Brain Brewery’s nationally recognized Mangalitsa Pig Porter is ready to make a triumphant return Saturday, April 16th, at the annual Pig Porter Release Party. Winner of the 2011 gold medal for “Best Experimental Beer” at the Great American Beer Festival, the Pig Porter shined a spotlight on Right Brain Brewery, and proved craft beer is much more than hops and beards.

The Mangalitsa Pig Porter is not a “bacon beer.” Brewed with smoked Mangalitsa pig bones and heads, this beer is loaded with smoky flavor and natural pork oils from the pig parts themselves. No smoked malts are used, and no pork extracts are added. The flavor in this porter comes directly from the smoked pig parts. The creation story behind Pig Porter started with owner Russ Springsteen attending a dinner with local business owners.

“The butcher at the table was talking about the Mangalitsa pig breed that they processed. I then inquired what they did with the heads and bones afterwards. After a few more beers, it was agreed I could use the bones to brew a beer!”

To commemorate this rare beer release, Right Brain Brewery is throwing a party, and everyone’s invited. Right Brain Brewery’s Chef Mike, in collaboration with Steve “Bubba” Codington from Woodfire BBQ Shack, has prepared a stellar all-you-can-eat pig roast, featuring smoked pulled pork, home made Mac n’ Cheese, and multiple BBQ sauces made with various Right Brain Brewery beers. The all-you-can-eat pig roast will be priced at $15 per person, $13 for Right Brain Brewery mug club members, and $9 for kids 12 and under.

However, there’s no charge to attend the party! The Mangalitsa Pig Porter release party is a free, family-friendly event, starting at 12PM on Saturday, April 16th. Live music from acoustic act Jeff Brown will start at 3 PM, with local Traverse City based Bluegrass group Runaway Mule starting at 6 PM, closing out the evening.

Mangalista Pig Porter will be available on draft and in 22oz bottles during the release party, and there is no limit on the number of cases that can be purchased.

About Right Brain Brewery:

Right Brain Brewery is nestled in the SoFo District of downtown Traverse City, Michigan, at 225 E. 16th Street. Our focus is on creating artisanally made, one-of-a-kind culinary inspired brews. If you taste something in our beers, like asparagus, cherry pies, or real pig, it’s because we put it there using only whole natural ingredients. Right Brain brews can be found throughout the state of Michigan in bottles, kegs, and on draft. However we’re not just beer lovers, we’re art lovers too. We’re advocates for anything creative, innovative, or odd, so let’s have a pint sometime and Keep Beer Curious.