Remarkable Liquids Expands Portfolio and Service in New York City

ALBANY, NEW YORK — Remarkable Liquids distributing based in Albany, NY preps to enter the New York City (NYC) Market with expanded portfolio on July 28th. After a year and a half of bi-weekly deliveries the company will offer greatly expanded sales service and six new suppliers.

Greater NYC will have their first chance to consistently carry NYS brewer Rushing Duck of Orange County and Nine Pin Cider of Albany. Available for the first time in NYC is Central City Brewing makers of the Red Betty Beers, Caldera Brewing of OR and Telegraph Brewing from CA. The highly sought after beers from New England Brewing will make their return to NY, although in limited quantities, until an expansion is completed this winter. Unity Vibrations, world’s first Kombucha-Beer producer, will offer both draft and package of their barrel aged gluten-free line of beer. Sparkling Cider from Eden Ice Cider of VT will be available as well.

This also marks the official launch of two Remarkable Import’s brands: Beau’s All Natural of Ontario, Canada and White Hag Brewing of Sligo, Ireland. Beau’s is a Certified Organic brewer that has been quietly producing a staggering range of creative & traditional beers just an hour north of the NYS border since 2006. White Hag Brewing combines the creativity of the American Craft Beer movement with traditional Irish heritage and ingredients.

“It took us two years to pull together this portfolio, we have spent a great deal of time and effort to find the best possible suppliers not currently in the market” says Spencer Noakes, Remarkable Liquids GM, “NYC has all the choice in the world, more restaurants, wine and beer options than anywhere else in the US, our goal was to build a high quality portfolio that stood above the noise.”

Remarkable Liquids will feature 20 tap lines from their American Brewers at an event Tuesday evening July 29th at The Pony Bar in Hell’s Kitchen. The Blind Tiger will feature the beers of Rushing Duck on August 27th. Numerous events with brewers and owners are scheduled throughout August and September; information is available at and Facebook page. You can find many of their beers in Whole Foods locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.


Remarkable Liquids is a craft-distribution and importing company based in Albany, NY. Created to offer a distribution option different from all others in NYS, focused on selling only high quality craft beer, cider and mead throughout the state. Remarkable Liquids is committed to passionately purveying the highest quality beverages in the world. For more information on Remarkable Liquids and their products contact Matt Hartman at: