R&D Brewing Releases Lo-Cal Resolution Ale

RALEIGH, N.C. Today, R&D Brewing officially announced the release of Lo-Cal Resolution Ale, the newest addition to the R&D portfolio that represents their entry into the low-calorie beer market. Lo-Cal Resolution Ale packs great flavor into a crisp, clean beer that contains less than 100 calories and only 2.4 grams of carbs. Carefully crafted with extensive research and development, the hallmark of every R&D beer, it is perfect for any occasion that calls for a crisp, refreshing ale.

Brewmaster Ian VanGundy utilized Cashmere hops to craft Lo-Cal Resolution which starts off with a delicate fruity aroma that is followed by a sparkling effervescence that finishes clean. With an easy-drinking 4.2% ABV, each 12 oz. serving contains only 98 calories making it the perfect crushable option for active lifestyles.

“Light lagers low in calories and carbs have been around for a long time but don’t suit the taste of the craft beer drinker,” said Ian VanGundy, brewmaster of R&D Brewing. “We chose to brew Lo-Cal Resolution with an ale yeast typically used for pale ales and IPAs, along with modern dry hopping techniques using the newly developed Cashmere hop. The resulting beer is as easy drinking as any light beer but has a fulfilling flavor profile with fruit forward aromas of melon and lemon that craft beer drinkers can appreciate.”

Lo-Cal Resolution Ale joins R&D Brewing’s growing portfolio that includes a range of award-winning beers including west coast, hazy and fruited IPAs, lagers and stouts. Each beer is artfully crafted by VanGundy who has won over a dozen national and international awards for his creations.

Since opening in 2017, R&D Brewing has used their 3.5 bbl pilot brewing system to methodically research and develop beers under the highest levels of scrutiny. That commitment to creating the perfect beer is the driving force behind the company that plans to continue expanding operations in 2020 with a new 20,000+ square foot production facility with a taproom and outdoor beer garden in the Raleigh, N.C. area.

“This beer is a perfect example of what R&D Brewing is all about,” said Rachel Peterson, director of marketing at R&D Brewing. “We didn’t invent low calorie beer, but we took an innovative, methodical approach that will make people change their perceptions of what a light beer can be.”

Lo-Cal Resolution Ale can be purchased everywhere R&B Brewing beer is sold across Central and Eastern North Carolina. For more information on R&D Brewing and availability, visit rndbrewing.com.