Peticolas Brewing Company Expands Distribution to Austin for the Month of July

DALLAS — This summer, Peticolas Brewing Company heads to Austin for a month long Beer Vacation. The award winning brewery begins distribution to the craft beer friendly city on July 1 and plans to take their kegs back to Dallas at the end of the month. The Beer Vacation marks the first time in the brewery’s six year history they will distribute outside of the brewery’s 39 mile radius.

The move to enter a new market for only a month is seen by many as an unorthodox approach, but Peticolas has a unique history of doing things differently. Since opening in 2011, the brewery has refused to give into market pressure to grow at extreme rates and compromise the quality of their beer. The independently owned brewery still self distributes all of their beer and refuses to package in any vessel other than a keg.

“We are big fans of the city of Austin and the culture that’s been created here,” said Michael Peticolas, Founder of Peticolas Brewing Company. “We also know that the people of Austin are extremely protective and supportive of their locally owned businesses and breweries. Our goal is to give the people here a taste of what we have to offer but not overstay our welcome.”

Peticolas plans to give continuous updates on the various bars and restaurants that will be opening its doors and hosting the Dallas brewery on their Austin Beer Vacation.