One-Fourth of Ekos Customers are Brewing Seltzer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Hard seltzer is the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage segment, with more than $4 billion in sales in 2020. To meet consumer demand, many craft beverage makers are adding this new product to their lineup. Ekos, the leading business management software for breweries, wineries and cideries, has the product capabilities that make it easy to brew hard seltzer.

Ekos helps seltzer and other craft beverage makers:

  • Streamline production, inventory management, sales data and accounting
  • Get complete visibility into their business to discover key insights
  • Increase production capacity, efficiencies and revenue
  • Save valuable time by reducing manual data input and double entries

Based on a 2021 survey, more than one-fourth of Ekos customers are already brewing hard seltzer using Ekos. Another 31% of customers plan to add a new product type in the next one to two years. Ekos was created specifically for craft manufacturers and is flexible enough to seamlessly add new product lines to meet consumer demands.

“At Ekos, we strive to help our customers make more. Make more revenue, make more of their data and make more products — whether it’s beer, wine, cider, kombucha, mead or seltzer,” said Josh McKinney, CEO of Ekos. “We keep an eye on the trends so that we can enable our customers to adapt, be flexible and scale their businesses.”

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