Old Nation to Release Tart Strawberry M43 IPA, Greenstone IPA, Pret Belgian-Style Wit and 70+ IPA

Tart Strawberry M43 and Greenstone are joined by Pret, a new Belgian style wit, and 70+ a West Coast style IPA 

WILLIAMSTON, Mich. — Old Nation Brewing Company is ready for porch drinking-season with the return of two fan favorites – the Tart Strawberry M43 IPA and Greenstone IPA, and the launch of to two brand new beers – Pret, a new Belgian style wit, and 70+, a West Coast style IPA.

The Return of Tart Strawberry M-43

Old Nation is bringing Tart Strawberry M-43 back for a limited time. This fruit enhanced version of the brewery’s iconic M-43 IPA adds a high-quality strawberry extract and a slight PH adjustment to achieve the perfect tartness.

“Strawberry M43 has been a great way for Old Nation to welcome summer for the last four years,” said Travis Fritts, senior brewer and co-founder of Old Nation. “In 2020, we waited until August to release due to COVID-19 concerns, but we’re back in late April in 2021 and looking forward to welcoming all good things for the rest of the year!”

The first run of Tart Strawberry M-43 sold out within 2 hours and each subsequent batch has cleared the shelves very quickly. Because of its popularity, Old Nation has increased production for this season. Tart Strawberry M-43 will be available on draft and 16-ounce can four-packs in Michigan with limited out of state distribution starting on April 20th.

Greenstone: Bringing Back an Easy-Drinking New England Style IPA

Originally released in 2017, Greenstone (ABV 5.5% and 40 IBU) is an easier drinking offering in Old Nation’s New Orthodox Series, using pale barley, oat, wheat and rye malts in conjunction with Magnum, Michigan grown Chinook, Michigan Crystal and Simcoe hops from Yakima valley in the Pacific Northwest. The resulting profile carries notes of mango accentuated by the light nature of spruce in the very back end, all supported by the subtle spiciness of rye malt.

“The relatively low ABV of 5.5% and more classic American Pale Ale profile makes this a brewer’s favorite and seems to keep Old School and Newer Craft Beer fans coming back for more,” said Fritts. “A lighter, easy drinking hazy pale ale with uncompromising material selection seems to check a lot of boxes for many different kinds of beer fans!”

Available in a four-pack of 16-ounce cans, Greenstone will be sold in all markets that carry Old Nation products beginning on April 12th.

Creating A Classic: Say Hello to 70+, a West Coast Style IPA

Having made multiple IPAs over their years, Old Nation certainly has their list of favorites, and classic West Coast IPAs are at the top of the bill. With the introduction of 70+ West Coast IPA (ABV 6.8%), Old Nation brings a classic, straight down the middle pilsner malt bill with a more classic aggressive 72 IBU providing the traditional bitter balance of the style. Using a combination of Columbus and Simcoe hops for their pine/resiny notes along with Amarillo for citrus and floral notes, Old Nation’s brewers added the proprietary Idaho 7 for a new-school tropical twist.

Fritts said, “I love the depth, complexity and almost overwhelming aromatic nature of classic west coast IPA.  After the introduction of New England style Haze-bombs, it seemed like the West Coast version lost a bit of traction. With 70+ we’re honoring the style in all of its glory and sharing our memories of California version during the Craft boom of the late 90’s with an approachable twist from Idaho 7 hops.”

Available in a four-pack of 16-ounce cans, 70+ West Coast IPA will be sold in all markets that carry Old Nation products beginning on April 12th.

The Introduction of Pret: A Historically Inspired Wit to Welcome Summer

Old Nation will also be releasing Pret, a Belgian-style wit that takes its inspiration from the Belgian brewing traditions of the past to craft the perfect beer to celebrate the coming of spring.

Pret (ABV 5%) has a strong backbone of wheat and oat malts, which give body and fullness to the light citrus notes of coriander and bitter orange peel. The faint citrus presence on the finish along with a slight acidity cleanses the palate and belies the relatively substantial body of the beer. Notes of chamomile and very slight herbal hops add color to the light, ephemeral nature of Pret Wit.

“Pret means “ready” to most Francophones and “fun” in the Belgian Flemish dialect of Dutch.  We think this beer lives up to both of those interpretations!” said Fritts. “For me, it’s a sense of history in a glass. You could imagine people celebrating the arrival of spring in the early 19th century before the rise of industrialization in a way that would feel very comfortable to modern folks.”

The determination to create the perfect witbier included sourcing premium ingredients, such as the perfect oat malt to pair with carefully selected bitter orange peel and coriander ground the day the beer is brewed versus powdered.

“There are too many instances in commercial brewing where developing a new beer revolves around price point where you start with the desired shelf price and work the recipe backwards,” said Fritts.  “We took the opposite approach and decided to make the very best wit example we could.”

Available in a four-pack of 16-ounce cans, Pret will be sold in all markets that carry Old Nation products beginning on April 19th.

 About Old Nation Brewery

Old Nation Brewery was founded on a simple set of values: hard work, integrity, and consistency.  What started as a passion for brewing evolved into a mission to create some of the greatest beers on the planet. Old Nation has taken the timeless principles of traditional German brewing and applied them to create a roster of exceptional beers including the cult favorite, award winning M43 IPA. Learn more about Old Nation Brewery at www.oldnationbrewery.com

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