Oak Park Brewing Launches National Beer Collaboration Celebrating Black-Owned Breweries

SACRAMENTO, California – Oak Park Brewing Co. has launched a national beer collaboration to celebrate the 51st anniversary of Peoples Beer, one of the nation’s first Black-owned breweries. This marks the beginning of the Peoples line of beers brewed to honor those who have paved the way – past, present, and future! The collaboration effort, called Brew Your Story, invites Black-owned breweries and homebrewers to brew a specialty beer that tells their brewery’s story. Though the beer style and recipe will be unique to each brewery, participants will utilize the same can label art designed by renowned artist Milton Bowens.

Currently, there are more than 30 Black-owned breweries and Black homebrewers registered to participate throughout the United States and Central America.

Brew Your Story beers will be released at participating locations beginning October 2, 2021. That day, Oak Park Brewing Co. will host its inaugural Peoples Harvest Time Jubilee, an inaugural kickoff celebration featuring five select Northern California Black-owned breweries and their Brew Your Story beers.

“Despite the continued growth of the craft beer industry, less than 1% of commercial brewers and brewery owners are Black,” said Rodg Little, Brewer of Oak Park Brewing Co. “By creating Brew Your Story, we hope to help recognize people of color in craft beer – both past and present – and create a platform for Black-owned breweries to grow their businesses.”

The Brew Your Story movement is dedicated to Peoples Beer owner Theodore “Ted” Mack, who purchased the Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based brewery in 1970 and established it as one of the nation’s first Black-owned breweries. The brand was revived in 2020 by Oak Park Brewing Company, in collaboration with Mack’s son, Ted Mack II. Oak Park Brewing Co. has brewed Peoples Beer’s traditional recipe and will create new beers as part of a Peoples Beer collection.

Brew Your Story participants are sharing beer details and their stories on their own social media platforms and on Instagram (@brewyourstory).


Oak Park Brewing Co. brewed Peoples Beer to honor the legacy of Mr. Theodore Mack Sr. Mack picked cotton in the fields of Alabama and rose to become a civil rights giant who stood for economic empowerment and racial equity. In 1970, he purchased Peoples Brewing Co. in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to provide employment opportunities in minority communities and brew beer for the people! Mr. Mack’s historic achievements helped pave the way for people of color in the brewing industry.


Oak Park Brewing Co. is a Black-owned brewery located in the historic neighborhood of Oak Park in Sacramento, California. At OPB, we are about the ABCs, which stands for (A)rt, (B)eer, and (C)ommUnity. We collaborate with local artists, we strive to brew quality beer, and we bring the community together to not only drink craft beer but to make a difference!

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