Non-Alcoholic Beer Rightside Brewing Launches Next Week

ATLANTA — Rightside Brewing has announced it will officially launch December 18, 2020, offering nationwide delivery for its non-alcoholic beer, and will be available at retail in Georgia in early January.

Rightside is founded by mother-of-two Emree Woods who was seeking a great tasting, non-alcoholic beer product while pregnant, and after discovering the options were limited and some products were sub-par, she decided to launch her own product for people making conscious decisions to not drink.The brewery will first launch its Citrus Wheat followed by the India Pale Ale in January.

“I am so proud of this product, and I’m incredibly honored and excited to launch it here in Georgia first, and then work to expand throughout the Southeast, a place not only home to me and my family, but also home to an incredible craft beer scene” said Woods.

Rightside will begin shipping direct to consumers through their website starting December18, but due to Georgia’s alcohol laws, Georgia consumers will only be able to purchase at retail.

Rightside was originally slated to launch in October per a July announcement, but the pandemic and its impact on distribution, brewing and canning caused the delay. The new non-alcoholic beer will be ready to enjoy right at the beginning of DryJanuary social practices, or for everyday consumers who are seeking choicesother than alcohol.

Rightside is partnering with Big Kettle Brewing, a contract brewer in Lawrenceville, Ga.,to brew and package their product. Big Kettle comes with extensive brewing experience and expertise, and during the past year has helped to perfect the formulation and process, yielding great-tasting non-alcoholic beers. Rightsideis focused on delivering their beers on- and off-premise and has no currentplans to open a dedicated brewery or tap room.

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