Napa Smith Brewery Releases California Lager and Updates Packaging

VALLEJO, Calif. — As part of R.S. Lipman Brewing Company’s aggressive growth strategy, Napa Smith Brewery (Vallejo, CA) unveiled new packaging in 4Q 2017 along with the addition of cans (12oz and 16oz) and a new beer called California Lager. Packaging on all Napa Smith beers depicts iconic California imagery. New packaging was introduced for best-sellers: Napa Smith Pilsner, Golden Gate IPA, and the latest release, California Lager, brewed with heritage grains and West Coast hopping. R.S. Lipman Brewing Company announced in November a partnership with US Beverage for national distribution beginning January 1, 2018.

Napa Smith CA Lager

Channeling the long standing tradition of Lagers brewed in California; we brewed a crisp, clean beer inspired by the Napa River headwaters of Mt. Saint Helena to Carquinez Strait. Brewed with heritage grains and West Coast hopping; this easy drinking beer brings resinous notes of pine and citrus, built around a nuanced bread-like almond malt profile. Cheers.

Malt: 2-Row, C-40, Munich

Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Cluster, Mt. Hood

IBUs: 40

SRM: 6.4

OG: 14.9 Plato

FG: 1.8 Plato

ABV: 6.5%

Body: Clean, Crisp, Spicy

Napa Smith Pilsner

Much like the time-honored image of sunrays peeking through the rolling hills of Napa Valley, the opulent character of our Old World style Pilsner is rooted in the tranquil tradition of the Napa Valley. A brilliantly straw color and striking white head illustrates the superior quality of Napa Smith Pilsner. Subtle Pilsner flavors and aromas come from the exclusive use of German Pilsner malts, coupled with European noble hops. All together the taste is light, balanced and refreshing.

Malt: German Pilsner

Hops: Cluster, Mt. Hood, Perle

IBUs: 18

SRM: 2.4

OG: 11 Plato

FG: 1.9 Plato

ABV: 5%

Body: Light, Crisp, Clean

Napa Smith Golden Gate

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is symbolic of the unique, beautiful state of California. Golden Gate IPA is Golden in color with a striking white head. True to the west coast style, Golden Gate IPA is crisp and dry; showcasing the deep resinous pine notes with floral and citrus overtones that are expected from a west coast style IPA. This well balanced beer is an approachable IPA that you’ll want to enjoy again and again. Our rendition of the American IPA displays the unique flavors and character associated with our home state.

Malt: 2-Row, C-15, Vienna

Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Warrior

IBUs: 66

SRM: 4.5

OG: 13 Plato

FG: 1.9 Plato

ABV: 6%

Body: Crisp, Dry, Hop Forward

About Napa Smith Brewery

Founded in 2008, Napa Smith is a family owned and operated brewery that upholds the classic beer style that gave American craft beer its start. Led by Brewmaster Stein Servick, the NapaSmith team is committed to producing meticulously crafted beers with the level of quality that is universally Napa. Each of the beer labels feature iconic California imagery that has a story to tell, but as for Napa Smith, our story begins and ends with being the Private Reserve of Craft Beers.

About R.S. Lipman Brewing Company

R.S. Lipman Brewing Company is a Nashville-based craft beer supplier. Flagship brands include Napa Smith (Vallejo, CA) and Hap & Harry’s (Nashville, TN). |