Mother Earth Brewing Founders to Launch Spiked Seltzer Brand

KINSTON, N.C.— Stephen Hill and Trent Mooring have teamed up yet again for a cutting edge new venture, Sercy Spiked and Sparkling, an innovative and groundbreaking beverage company specializing in high-quality, organic sparkling seltzer water. Sercy Spiked and Sparkling will be produced and packaged in Kinston, North Carolina, with plans to be distributed nationwide.

“We are really excited about this new venture,” said Sercy President Trent Mooring, president of Mother Earth Brewing and Spirits. “This gives us the ability to broaden our footprint even further into other segments of our favorite industry, and join the ever-popular sparkling water libations which look to be the future of our great industry.”

“Sercy,” a traditional southern word for an unexpected gift, embodies the spirit of what Mooring and Hill aim to create with Sercy Spiked and Sparkling: an unexpected gift for your taste buds. Made with all organic ingredients, Sercy Spiked and Sparkling offers a light, refreshing, gluten free, low-calorie alternative to heavy beers and strong liquor. Balancing refreshing flavors and bright carbonation, Sercy Spiked and Sparkling will be able to be enjoyed year-round.

Sercy Spiked and Sparkling will launch in spring of 2019, and will be available in 12-can variety packs consisting of 12 oz sleek cans. The initial flavor release will consist of a Cucumber Lime, Orange Raspberry, Peach Lychee and Mixed Berry. All four of the low sodium, 100 calorie beverages will be five percent alcohol by volume and contain no carbohydrates or sugars.

“We’re excited to offer a low-calorie, sugar-free and carb-free option for those looking to live a more active lifestyle,” said Mooring. “Sercy is sure to be a go-to beverage for outdoor enthusiasts seeking peak performance.”

Further following their passion-project to revitalize downtown Kinson, Mooring and Hill will house the new beverage company at 318 Walls Alley, a restored warehouse in downtown Kinston. Concerning the business headquarters, Hill said “We are thrilled to be a part of the downtown business community in Kinston. Even as we branch out with a new, national brand, there is nowhere else we can imagine calling our corporate home than Kinston, North Carolina.”