Mission Brewery Releases California Craft Lager in 6-packs

Mission Brewery Releases California Craft Lager in 6-packs

San Diego, CA — Mission Brewery, a San Diego-based craft brewery, is releasing California Craft Lager to their year-round list of award-winning beers. California Craft Lager will be available in 6-packs at off-premise locations.

Its drinkability and flavor is what sets the California Crafter Lager apart from other lagers.  “This beer is flavorful and hop forward”, said John Egan, Head Brewer at Mission Brewery. “It appeals to both craft beer drinkers as well as those who may not be into craft beer, but rather prefer mass produced industrial lagers. It’s a light bodied beer for everyone.”

California Craft Lager was first brewed on a 7 barrel system as a seasonal summer beer, but because of its continued success and drinkability, Mission Brewery decided to package the beer in 12oz bottles.  With a light body and crisp, dry finish, this lager maintains a delicate balance of malt and hop.

“We’re seeing hoppier and hoppier beers come into the craft brew market,” said Dan Selis, President of Mission Brewery, “but we haven’t seen many breweries successfully create an outstanding and refreshing lager, that stays true to its Craft roots.”

California Craft Lager is now available throughout California. Check out Mission Brewery’s beer finder to find it in stores near you.

About Mission Brewery
Mission Brewery was originally established in 1913 in San Diego. The brewery, like most breweries of the time, went out of business during the first year of Prohibition. In 2007, Dan Selis, an avid home brewer re-established the brand and eventually relocated the manufacturing and the tasting room to Downtown San Diego in the Historic Wonder Bread Building. The former commercial bakery is now a 26,000 square feet brewery with a projected output of 15,000 barrels for 2017, and has been brewing commercially for ten years. With over 50 national and international awards, Mission is considered one of the top craft breweries in San Diego County.

For additional information, please call (619) 544-0555 or visit our website at www.missionbrewery.com.