Maui Brewing Expands, Plans For New Spirits and Soda Lines


To keep up with growing demand for its products on the Mainland, Maui Brewing has made a number of wholesale moves in California and Nevada.

The company yesterday announced expanded distribution along California’s central coast, signing with four new distributors for coverage throughout Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Luis Obispo. Maui has signed agreements with Chrissa Imports, Central Coast Distributing, Delta Pacific Beverage and Pipeline Beverage.

“We wanted to be able to service the state better,” company founder Garrett Marrero told Brewbound. “Some of the chain accounts and multi-location restaurants that we work with really prefer more complete coverage.”

The company also recently realigned its network in Nevada, switching from Cepage Selections to Southern Wine & Spirits in May.

“It was very amicable,” Marrero said. “So far, it’s been a good move for us and the exposure and excitement around the brand has been good.”

Maui is currently eyeing new distribution opportunities in Florida, New York and Massachusetts, Marrero said. The company also expanded its reach into Alaska in June.

Last year, Maui opened a new brewing facility in Kihei, Hawaii, a small town on the west side of Maui. With the increased production capabilities, Maui will be able to produce upwards of 38,000 barrels of beer this year, Marrero said.

The addition of six new 250-barrel fermentation tanks will increase capacity at the brewery to 80,000 barrels and enable the company to expand its non-alcoholic soda line. Maui will install a flash pasteurizer in the first half of 2016, begin ramping up production of its non-alcoholic root beer and introduce ginger beer and cola offerings.

Marrero also said he plans to open a distillery (yet to be named), and begin producing whiskey and gin.

“We are seeing this industry morph into craft beverage, not just craft beer,” he said. “The care and the integrity that goes into our beer is the same that goes into other products. We are going to be able to extend our brand into these other products and transfer the same principles into other artisanal beverages.”

Maui received a $250,000 state grant for its new non-alcoholic and spirits projects, Marrero said.