Marin Brewing Company to Release Saison Made with Admiral Maltings’ Barley

Larkspur, Calif. — The Marin Brewing Company (The Brewco) is honored to be among the first breweries to craft beer with the newly launched Admiral Maltings and its malted barley.

Admiral Maltings, located in Alameda, California is the creation of longtime friends Ron Silberstein (Thirsty Bear Brewing) and Dave McLean (Magnolia Brewing). Together, the two have produced a traditional floor-malted barley malt from locally grown, organic barley.

Marin Brewing was lucky enough to procure 1000 lbs. of Admiral Maltings’ first batch of malted barley, known as Maiden Voyage, which is a Metcalf variety barley malt. The Brewco’s Brewmaster Arne Johnson produced a strong wort from this malt. Johnson said he boiled the barley with Loral hops before fermenting with his favorite Saison yeast strain. “I aimed to keep the recipe simple, to feature the high quality of the raw materials.”

The resulting super saison, dubbed Navy Strength, is strong, dry and extremely fruity. It smells and tastes like a tiki drink. Johnson dubs it the perfect elixir to welcome in the Bay Area winter and to celebrate the realization of Ron’s and Dave’s dream to launch producing exceptional, locally sourced and hand-crafted malt.

Marin Brewing Company Admiral Loral (Navy Strength) Saison – 8.4% ABV, 18 IBU’s

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