Lucid Acquires American Sky in Latest Craft Deal


Lucid Brewing of Minnetonka, Minn. has acquired American Sky Brewing of Hudson, Wis. in the latest deal involving two small craft breweries. Terms of the buyout were not disclosed.

In a statement detailing the acquisition, American Sky said it plans to continue operating The Hangar, its taproom in Hudson and distributing throughout western Wisconsin. The company, however, expects to shift its draft and bottled production over to Lucid’s facility in Minnetonka before the end of the summer.

“Having Lucid on board represents a positive growth for the American Sky brand,” said Kati Schenz, general manager at American Sky, in a news release. “The Lucid team brings a different set of skills to the table. They have experience with larger scale production and a wider distribution network, which is exciting for growing American Sky.”

The two companies will maintain separate brand identities, but operate under Lucid Brewing, LLC.

American Sky, which contracts an unspecified amount of its production out to other breweries, produced 1,200 barrels in 2014 according to Brewers Association record. Lucid, meanwhile, produced 3,797 barrels in the same year.

For Lucid, the acquisition gives the company not only a new brand, but also a taproom, something it has long wanted, but has never been equipped to operate.

“Since we began in 2011, our focus has been on production and distribution,” added Lucid co-owner Jon Messier in the news release. “We are one of a handful of breweries without a taproom, and running one is not in our wheelhouse. The American Sky team is talented and we are excited to work together to improve the customer experience at The Hangar.”

Lucid’s acquisition of American Sky is the second deal involving two small craft brewers. In November, Green Flash Brewing bought out Alpine Brewing.