KC Bier Co. Releases Der Bauer Seasonal Farmhouse Ale in Bottles

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — KC Bier Co. announces the release of Der Bauer in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles this Friday, June 1 across the brewery’s distribution territory. It is the brewery’s first bottled seasonal bier.

Der Bauer (dare-bow-er) is a hazy, golden farmhouse ale brewed with 100 percent German malt and hops. Steve Holle, KC Bier Co. founder and managing owner, describes Der Bauer (the German translation for The Farmer) as dry, crisp and effervescent with rustic yeast flavors and citrus hop aromas.

“We wanted to recreate what Bavarian farmer-brewers 200 years ago subject to the Beer Purity Law would have brewed using only malt and hops, and no sugar or other adjuncts or flavorings used in many saisons or farmhouse ales produced domestically today,” Holle said. “In fact, our yeast strain came from a German-speaking brewery in the Alsace area of France.”

Karlton Graham, KC Bier Co. head brewer, added, “what sets Der Bauer apart from a traditional saison is that it’s an all-malt bier brewed to a higher IBU than a traditional saison (37); and it uses all German malt and hops, including Mandarina Bavaria (about 2 pounds per barrel), which imparts an orange and citrus character. This yeast strain leaves a silky-smooth finish. It’s a recipe we developed in 2013 before we opened, and we’re excited to have it available as our first bottled seasonal bier.”

Following suit with the brewery’s existing labels, Der Bauer’s label artwork depicts a cityscape that highlights the historical and cultural heritage of Kansas City.

“Being a farmhouse-style ale, we wanted Der Bauer’s label to highlight Kansas City’s agricultural roots,” Holle said. “The grain elevator situated at the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers along with the barge and train represent Kansas City’s importance to Midwestern farmers as an agricultural transportation center.”

Der Bauer will be available in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles and on draft through August throughout the brewery’s distribution territory.