Karl Strauss and Cervecería Colorado Release Cajeta Borracha

DENVER — Karl Strauss Brewing Company and Cervecería Colorado collaborated together to brew an English Mild called Cajeta Borracha during CBC week in Denver, Colorado. This beer, brewed with roasted plantains, cinnamon bark, vanilla beans and Cajeta, and is now available at Cervecería Colorado.

Even with more than 35 years of brewing experience between them, Jason Beuhler, the head brewer at Cervecería Colorado, and Paul Segura, brewmaster of research and development at Karl Strauss Brewing Company, had never brewed with plantains before this collaboration.

The decision to make such a unique flavor profile for the brew began with Beuhler’s recent trip to Mexico.

“We wanted to use a unique combination of ingredients to create a flavor profile inspired by Mexico,” said Beuhler. “I brought back the cinnamon bark from a recent trip to Mexico and I’ve eaten roasted plantains served by street vendors there before. We thought the combination of cinnamon and plantain would be great with cajeta which is commonly used in Mexican candy.”

Segura looked at the ingredients and suggested the English Mild as a base style to compliment the cajeta flavor and finish with the plantains and cinnamon.

Cajeta Borracha will be released Friday, May 10 at Cervecería Colorado, located at 1635 Platte Street in Denver.

Cajeta Borracha

  • Stats: 4.6% ABV
  • Base: English Mild
  • Special Ingredients: Roasted plantains, Ceylon Cinnamon bark from Veracruz, Vanilla beans and Cajeta

This collaboration between Cervecería Colorado and Karl Strauss Brewing in San Diego features a delightful combination of dessert infused flavors of Mexico. The base beer of an English Mild is made with brown and caramel malts. Roasted plantains were added to the mash for a hint of banana and the beer was fermented with cajeta, which is a goat’s milk caramel closely related to dulce de leche, commonly found in Mexican candies. Aging on ceylon cinnamon bark from Veracruz and vanilla beans brings the flavors together for a delightful caramel treat. Salud!

About Karl Strauss Brewing Company

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About Cerveceria Colorado

Cervecería Colorado believes beer is inclusive, collaborative and celebratory. We seek to honor the traditions, flavors and culture of Mexico by utilizing traditional Mexican ingredients, flavors and processes to create innovative styles of beer. Our beer is brewed to be shared with family and neighbors, and to build bridges, not walls, in our communities. Visit cerveceriacolorado.com